“Shocktober 2022” Boards The “Terror Train” With Jamie Lee Curtis! Her “Halloween” Horror Finale Too!

terror_train horror film

Jamie Lee Curtis Boards The “Terror Train!”

You can’t EVER celebrate “Shocktober” without including horror’s reigning and forever “Scream Queen” Jamie Lee Curtis!

She starred in the most iconic horror series ever – as well as a few other terrific gems as well – let’s take a look!

Curtis got her big break in “Halloween”, then starred in a number of great 80’s horror gems as well.

While her role in the new “Halloween Ends” film will wrap up that iconic series, I want to share another shocker that doesn’t get as much attention – so lets take a ride with THIS GUY!


Join Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis On The “Terror Train!”

“Terror Train” is a terrific, vicious slasher film from 1980, with some good scares and lots of blood…much of it on Curtis!

Jamie Lee Curtis scream queen

After the phenomenal success of “Halloween” in 1978, Curtis found herself starring in a number of slasher films, and quickly earned the title of reigning “Scream Queen”! Some films weren’t that good, but this one delivered the scares!


The plot of “Terror Train” is brilliant in its simplicity: A masked killer seeks revenge against six college kids who were responsible for a prank gone wrong three years earlier – and lucky for the killer – the kids are throwing a large New Year’s Eve costume party aboard a moving train!

terror-train horror movie

This film is helped greatly by a truly creepy looking killer, and an ongoing sense of dread throughout. Check out the trailer:


“Terror Train” took us into an 80’s decade where horror was no longer surreal like a devil, or historical like the Hammer films – these movies were shockers that had killers chasing after women with one goal in mind – to kill them!

According to the great movie website IMDB, Jamie Lee Curtis once said of her character in this film:

“There are certain things a heroine in a thriller has to be. She has to be vulnerable, so that the audience identifies with her and is rooting for her. But she also has to have an enormous inner strength to overcome the evil, or terror, that is pursuing her. I play the same kind of character as I did in other films. But Alana – the girl I play – is stronger and more defined”.

scream queen jamie lee curtis

Curtis also starred in “prom Night”, another shocker from that era that helped cement her role as the greatest “Scream Queen” ever!

Curtis had a great run in the horror genre, took a break to do many mainstream films like “Trading Places” – and that’s where she did a number of topless scenes:

Jamie Lee is now back for the last of the “Halloween” films, but nothing stands up to the original:

John Carpenter Halloween

John Carpenter’s “Halloween” is considered by many to be the greatest Halloween film, and Curtis as the greatest “Scream Queen” of all…and now it’s all coming to a close:

Yes, the finale in the series is here – check out the trailer:

I hope they go out on a high note – but if not, maybe this will cheer me up:

“Scream Queen” Linnea Quigley can dance naked on my grave any time – and she swings a mean chainsaw as well!

Linnea Quigley turned chainsaws into an art form – see all of her most revealing horror films here:

I love the Halloween season – so many great horror Queens to enjoy!

Sandy Johnson has an iconic scene in the original “Halloween” – but some wild cult films as well – check out her story here:


As Jamie Lee left the horror business int he early 80’s there were others to step in, like the legendary Barbara Crampon:

She was in “Chopping Mall”, “Re-
Animator” and so much more!

See all of her greatest hits here:

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Much more “Shocktober 2022” to come! Leave a comment and let me know your favorite “Scream Queens!”

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  1. Jamie was always so sexy, but I much preferred to see her her in ‘straight’ films like ‘Blue Steel’. I doubt I will be watching the last in the ‘Halloween’ series.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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