Cult Movie Queen Rita Calderoni Gets “Nude For Satan!” “Shocktober 2022” Has Her “Black Magic Rites!”

“If you’re looking for an early 1970s horror-exploitation film with satanic themes where a woman gets raped by a giant spider, this is the movie for you.” 

Well, how that’s for a tease?

Celebrating The Wild Horror Career Of Rita Calderoni!

As we look at the greatest Cult Movie Queens during this Halloween season, we have to include the great Italian Actress Rita Calderoni, as “Shocktober 2022” has aggressive spider, reincarnations, and lots and lots of nudity for Satan!

Rita Calderoni was born in February 1951, and had a great career. This Italian Actress was active in the 1970s in Italy, she is known for her roles in many great “B” movies of the time, especially in horror.

Let’s start with one of the wild ones!


This 1972 shocker is fascinating. That was the original Italian poster, but look at how it was updated for modern American tastes!

Check out what I found online – Louis Paul, in his book on Italian Horror Film Directors described “Delirium” as one that “seems to have been entirely forgotten” and as a “savage film” that will “likely leave some viewers wondering whether it would have been to leave it that way.”

I saw “NO!” Let us decide!

You see, regardless of the film’s quality, the camera sure loves Rita – a shame that many of her films of that era never made it to US shores, so thanks to companies like Blue Underground for bringing them to us now via DVD and blu-ray!

Next up, another horror shocker filled with lots of nudity:

“The Reincarnation Of Isabel”

This 1973 thriller was also known as “Black Magic Rites” – and thanks to Redemption Films is also on home video!

It seems that satanic rituals and blood sacrifice were popular plot lines at that time, and the same goes for this film – check out the trailer:

Here’s the plot: a group of vampires keep the body of a witch in a castle cellar. They require virgin blood to resurrect her. A party of people arrive and things kick off.

Of course they do!

Calderoni was appearing in a number of cult Italian films at the time – many never reached US shores, but most are now available on blu-ray, DVD or streaming, which gives cult movie fans a great chance to catch these gothic gems!

Next up, perhaps her most notorious film:

“Nude For Satan!”

Rita shows it all off in this 1974 shocker.

This Italian Gothic horror film that tells the tale of a man who stops at a remote castle hoping to get medical help for an injured woman, only to find the inhabitants mirror the darker sides of the woman and himself.

When they say “nude” they mean it!

Here is the vintage trailer:

As one reviewer stated simply:

“If you’re looking for an early 1970s horror-exploitation film with satanic themes where a woman gets raped by a giant spider, this is the movie for you.” 

One reviewer estimated that full a quarter of the film features the cast nude – both male and female – and clearly the erotic horror film was popular in Italy!

One reviewer had this to say about “Nude For Satan”:

The film ends with an orgy between three women and two men. Alas, the men wear underwear, which is strange for an orgy.


Rita spends much of her time disrobing, showering, and being seduced by Satan…what a film for “Shocktober 2022!”

Apparently, there is a Dutch hardcore DVD version with X-rated inserts, but I didn’t find any information as to whether the original Actors were part of that version or not!

Caleroni made over thirty films in her fifteen year career, and was hired by some of the most important Italian Directors of the time, such as Elio Petri, Ettore Scola and Eriprando Visconti. 

She finished her acting career in 1983, but bravo to her for the great cult horror she left us with!

Italian sex shockers were nothing new for that time – remember this one?

Here’s a description I found about this one:

“The film features copious amounts of male and female full-frontal nudity; tepid, simulated sex scenes (straight couples, lesbians, female masturbation).”

Sounds like. winner!

Cult Actress Daniella Trebbi bared all for this shocker – see the film’s trailer and more revealing photos from the film by clicking on my story here:

And here’s another Italian Sex Kitten who made a lot of revealing films during that time as well:

Agostina Belli was in sex comedies, dramas and thrillers as well – and you can see them all by clicking on my story here:

All month long, I am highlighting the greatest Erotic Movie Queens for “Shocktober 2022”, like the legendary Edwige Fenech:

Edwige Fenech had to “Strip Nude For Your Killer”, just one of many classic italian giallo slashers form the 70’s – see them all by clicking here:

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve seen any of these Italian shockers and any recommendations you have for “Shocktober 2022!”

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