Linda Blair Spins Heads Again! The “Exorcist” Star Has A Shocking Photo Surprise And “Chained Heat” And “Savage Streets” Too!

Linda Blair Makes Heads Spin Again!

Why do I love “Halloween season”Shocktober 2022”? Easy, because I can share stories like this one – one of the greatest horror films of all time featured a riveting performance by a fearless Actress who went on become a cult film Icon!

Celebrating The “Wild” Career Of Linda Blair!

This Cult Movie Queen is best known for one of the most shocking scenes in movie history – the moment in the classic horror film “The Exorcist” when the little girl Regan “turns” around – without moving her body!

Exorcist movie trivia

Yes, it’s just one of many shocking moments from this classic film – to me the greatest horror film of all time – so what could Actress Linda Blair do to “out do” the movie? 

Well, I have the answer – because after Linda Blair grew up, she grew out of her shy persona and found a way to “shock” us all over again – when she grew up, she did THIS!

Linda Blair Oui magazine naked pictures

Hello, Linda!

Time to look at one of the more controversial moves that Linda Blair made in her career – her decision to pose topless in the “Gentleman’s” magazine of that era, Oui!

Linda Blair nude photo spread

After starring in one of horror’s greatest films, this young Actress carved out a cult movie career that we can all still enjoy today – let’s look at Linda Blair’s road to her provocative photo spread!

Linda Blair The Exorcist

Linda Blair’s Breakthrough Movie!

Linda Blair has had a long and acclaimed career, but she got her start in the biggest way possible – by starring in “The Exorcist” when she was just thirteen years old. She was Oscar nominated and won a Golden Globe for her performance, which is one of the most shocking performances of all time…

The Exorcist movie

Here is the original trailer, that only hinted at the intensity of this film:

In the more than forty years since it was released, “The Exorcist” has remained one of the most shocking films ever made….because of moments like this:

shocking exorcist scenes
The-Exorcist green pea

“Cue The Soup!”

The moment when Linda Blair unloads gallons of green liquid onto her guests is a legendary horror moment that never fails to shock…

The Exorcist trivia

Great “Exorcist” Trivia!

Here is some great trivia about the film:

The refrigerated bedroom set was cooled with four air conditioners and temperatures would plunge to around 30 to 40 below zero. It was so cold that perspiration would freeze on some of the cast and crew. 

The air was saturated with moisture, resulting in a thin layer of snow once falling on the set before the crew arrived for filming! 

Exorcist movie trivia

Oh yeah, and then there is the “head turn” sequence! As you can see in this picture, Blair is holding a crucifix for all the wrong reasons…another scene that was so shocking that audience members fled the theaters when it was playing – this type of horror reaction just doesn’t happen any more!

Linda Blair photos

Making Controversial Choices!

Linda Blair took many courageous chances when she was young – such as starring in the TV movie “Born Innocent” in 1974, portraying a 14-year old girl sentenced to a women’s prison!

Born Innocent movie

The film’s most notorious scene involved the rape of Blair’s character in the prison’s communal showers by a girl gang – with a plunger handle! This was the first all-female rape scene aired on American television! 

born_innocent-linda blair rape scene

Blair had a run of cult 80’s films as well, including “Savage Streets” – where she played a vigilante seeking revenge for her sister’s brutal rape and friend’s murder!

Savage Streets Linda Blair

As you can see, Blair had a provocative pose in the film’s poster, as the Actress was pushing boundaries in her career…

Perhaps the most surprising choice she made was this one:

Actress Linda Blair nude photos

Oui! Oui!

Linda erased everyone’s memory of young Regan when she decided to pose for a very creative photo shoot!

Yes, in 1982 the Actress showed her most “adult” side ever by appearing in a photo spread for Oui magazine!

Along with her film choices, Linda wanted to clearly push the envelope and show the world she was grown up – these pictures show her empowered and having a blast!

The pictures capture her at her most sensual and playful, and it was only a year later that Blair showed up in an Italian Playboy pictorial as well!

Linda Blair nude Playboy Italy

She wasn’t “little Regan” any more! 

Linda also made some wild exploitation films as well, like this “women in prison” classic with Sybil Danning:

It included fully nude shower scene with Danning, one of the many reasons that “women in prison” films are so much fun to watch – the plentiful showers!

Sybil Danning is one of the greatest “Cult Movie Queens” and you can see more of her work by clicking on my story here:

Blair also made the great 80’s cult gem “Savage Streets”:

Blair plays the leader of a group of high school girls who seek vengeance for the brutal assault on Blair’s younger sister.

Check out the trailer:

This film is very rough, a “Hard R” to be sure – and the younger sister is played by Linnea Quigley, who went on to do this in a film shortly after:

You can see more of her provocative grayer dance by clicking on my story here:

Linda Blair has had some personal and professional issues over the years, but she has also become an animal rights activist – she was a fearless and empowered Actress who lives on in great classic “Shocktober” cinema!

Blair also devotes time to a non-profit organization she organized, the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, focused on rescuing abused, neglected and mistreated animals. 

Linda-Blair Going Vegasn book

Linda is just one of a month long effort to highlight great Horror Movie Queens:

The iconic Barbara Crampton found herself “re-animated” and so much more…see her career here:

One of Crampton’s fun cult gems was with Actress Kathleen Kinmont:

Kathleen had a great cult film career as well…see more of it here:

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Bravo Linda for your terrific cult movie career!

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  1. Of all the films, Linda Blair did, she regrets IMPS*. (Immoral Majority Picture Show) Imagine a sketch comedy film where absolutely nothing is funny or works.;_ylt=AwrgNP09uU5jpnoHM2BpCWVH;_ylu=Y29sbwNncTEEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3BpdnM-?q=IMPS*+Linda+Blair&s_it=searchtabs&v_t=comsearch#id=1&vid=7d51b3d21875a8824e689c478dfd2153&action=view

    At least she’s a great critic.

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  2. Linda grew up to become a very sexy young woman. Shame about some of her later film choices though. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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