Marianne Morris And Anulka’s Wild “Vampyres” Erotic Horror! “Shocktober 2022” Has Their Most Provocative Scenes!

Meet The Two Most Gorgeous “Vampyres” Ever!

As I celebrate “Shocktober 2002”, I’ve been watching some great cult horror films lately, and this one blew me away – partly because it stars two of the most beautiful – and naked – “Vampyres” ever captured on screen!

Talk About A “Vampyres” Kiss!

That’s Cult Actress Anulka on the left, and Marianne Morris on the right, and they do a LOT more than just kiss in this wild cult classic!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is doing a deep dive into the film, to celebrate this Halloween horror season!

I found a review of “Vampyres” online and it prompted me to buy a new blu-ray of the film – and it’s a wild wild ride!

Here’s how the great “” describes the film:

“Two naked, beautiful lesbian lovers locked in a torrid embrace are shot to death by an unseen assailant in a dark, Gothic old mansion. Sounds like the perfect scene to open a solid exploitation film, right? Well, as anyone who’s already seen the seminal European art/trash classic Vampyres can attest, that doesn’t even begin to prepare you for what in store for the rest of this outrageous, insanely bloody, and relentlessly sexy classic that’s lost none of its power to seduce and shock newcomers. You see, those two women from the opening, Fran (Morris) and Miriam (Anulka), are still inhabiting that same house, except they now have an insatiable bloodlust they satisfy by luring visitors home, bleeding them dry, and dumping their bodies nearby in staged auto accidents.

Yes, the film begins with both Actresses completely nude in bed – and from there, we head to the British countryside where they live in a deserted castle, picking up men , seducing them, then killing them for their blood – and it’s all done naked!

The film is directed by Jose Larraz, who made a number of great cult films, but this is his masterpiece!

It’s a wild wild film, especially the torrid sex scenes between the Actresses, including this one in a shower!

Shot in a real castle in the countryside, “Vampyres” is a great ewrotic shocker, well worth the effort to find!

And don’t forget there’s a wild subplot with a “far too inquisitive” couple:

Actress Sally Faulkner is a painter who’s camping nearby with her boyfriend – she got a little “too” curious and what happens is one of the film’s many great shocking sequences!

So much to love about this film!

And what about the brave performances of those two lead Actresses?

Let’s begin with Marianne Morris, who was born in 1950 in London, England. Aside from “Vampyres”, she also appeared in these sexploitation films in the early 70’s:

She was uncredited here – but I also profiled the film’s star Julie Ege as well:

She had a wild career and you can see it all here:

“It’s Not The Size That Counts!”

Marianne was also in this sex farce from 1974, although she was uncredited – it was Elke Sommer who got star billing:

Sommer had a nice run of 70’s cult horror as well, and you can see her free-spirited roles by clicking here:

Back to Marianne, she had many roles that were small or uncredited, as well as some very provocative photos shoots:

I also came across a magazine that showcases her with two other Models on a beach!

Stunning photos!

In the blu-ray of the film, Marianne tells why she drifted away from the movie industry, with only 9 total credits, so “Vampyres” is her masterwork, and she is fantastic!

One of the best aspects of the Blue Underground Blu-Ray is that both Morris and Anulka sat down for short interviews, which are terrific!

Each one gives their thoughts on the movie, its lasting legacy – and the incredible amount of full nudity in the film!

You see, neither one of the them had any idea of how naked they were going to be!

In fact, Anulka says that Marianne had to have a few drinks to get the nerve for the naked lovemaking scene in the shower:

In fact, she says that when she goes down on her, she has to hold Marianne up as well!

Anulka had no issue with nudity, and you can see all of the examples of that by clicking on my story here:

As for Morris, she now owns a company in England and did a very nice interview on the Blu-ray. Kudos to Blue Underground for the terrific job!

If you like horror films with lots of nudity, well how about this one?

Natasha Henstridge spends much of the running time of “Species” nude and the film is all the better for it!

See more of it here:

And if “Space Vampires” are your thing, this is the very very naked film for you:

In fact, “Lifeforce” originally had that title, which would have been so much better!

It also had Mathilda May, who is naked for the entire film and here’s proof!

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Bravo to Marianne and Anulka for a terrific modern day horror film!

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