Actress Christine Boisson Was In A “Naked Massacre”! This “Shocktober” Star Embraced “Emmanuelle” Too!

A “Naked Massacre” For “Shocktober 2022!”

What better way to celebrate Halloween season than by diving into a 70’s shocker with a wild title – and of course, that wasn’t the only one!

Looking at the career and life of a French Actress who went from “Emmanuelle” to a “Naked Massacre” and so much more!

Christine was born in 1956 in Provence, France.

She was a Model who was discovered and cast in one of the most iconic films of the 70’s:


What a film poster and what a tagline!

“X was never like this.”


Actress Sylvia Kristel became a superstar sex kitten with the release of this film, and Christine was right alongside her…

Boisson had quite a provocative role as a teenager who masterbates to a photo of Paul Newman!

Of course, Kristel went onto have a wild career, and you can see all of her highlights here:

Don’t worry: Christine went on to a wild career as well!

Since this is “Shocktober” season, let’s focus on this horror gem:

“Born For Hell” in 1976 was an X-rated shocker inspired by a horrific attack against a group of nurses by a psychopath known as Richard Speck – and the film was also known as “Naked Massacre!”

Here is how describes the plot: a disturbed American war veteran arrives in Belfast during the Northern Ireland conflicts, and proceeds to terrorize a household of female nursing students.

Here’s the trailer:

Actress Leonora Fans was also in this film – she went on to star in one of the most shocking of the Italian Giallo films:

“Giallo In Venice” is raw and savage – click here to see more about that film and all of Fani’s career:

As for Boisson, she continued to work in dozens of films – always willing to bare all for a role:

She starred in “Sorceress” in 1987.

As describes the film: A Dominican friar visits a 13th-century French village in search of heretics. Despite the opposition of the local priest and the indifference of the villagers, he finds a seemingly perfect suspect: a young woman who lives in a forest outside the village and cures people with herbs and folk remedies.

Boisson was more than just an Actress – she became a very popular magazine Model as well:

Boisson had a provocative photo shoot in the French magazine Lui:

Christine’s Personal Turmoil…

Sadly, the decades to follow were tumultuous for the Actress.

In 2010 it was reported that she had attempted suicide after she climbed over the parapet of her 5th floor apartment and was stopped by firefighters.

She admitted later that this happened after an argument with her partner at the time and she did is as “an act of psychological manipulation” – she apologized for the incident.

Boisson still acts occasionally in film, on TV and on stage…she had a long career filled with provocative roles, much like this Actress:

Marianne Morris was in one of the great 70’s erotic horror films, “Vampyres”, along with sex kitten Anulka – see their revealing story here:

Here’s another fearless Actress who appeared in a great 70’s horror film:

Ann Michelle was “The Virgin With” but so much more!

See her best films by clicking on my story here:

And what about this provocative Actress from that era:

Suzanne Lund found herself in the “Room Of Chains” – click here to see more of this lurid shocker!

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Let me know if you’ve seen any of Christine’s work!

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  1. I remember her well from that scene in Emmanuelle. I still think the first Emmanuelle film was very erotic, and never bettered by others in the series.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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