“Shocktober 2022” Has Diana Prince And Her “Evil Bong!”

Meet Empowered Adult Actress Diana Prince!

As part of “Shocktober 2022”, I am profiling legendary Cult Movie Queens, plus some of the new stars of today, which leads me to Diana Prince!

I found Darcy when I happened upon a Joe Bob Briggs promo…if you know him, then you have an idea of the wacky antics and love of cult cinema that come with his brand!

This Halloween season, the duo is tearing through camp classics with their unique point of view.

If you want to know how Darcy approaches life, perhaps this quote will give you a clue:

“I just wanna watch horror movies and f*ck. Too much to ask?”

Now this is a story worth telling!

Diana has more than 130 screen credits across film, TV and social media…let’s look at some of her greatest hits!

Diana Prince (a.k.a. Kasey Poteet, Kasey Kroft) was born June 6, 1979, in Charleston, South Carolina…oh, and she chose to dress up once for “Shocktober” as the “Phantom Of The Paradise!”

Diana Prince is one of many Adult Actresses who has crossed over to appear in mainstream horror films like “The Evil Bong”.

In 2009 she was in “Porn Shoot Massacre”:

Diana has dozens and dozens of appearances in adult videos of all kinds – they are easy to find online, but she always exudes a love of horror films and sexuality as well:

Diana is an avid fan of comic books and video games, and has been featured on various pop culture websites, and she hosted the show “Geek Rawk” for Music Plus TV.

In fact, she is such an advocate for free speech and anti-censorship that she hosted the webcast “Geek Rawk” topless to demonstrate her belief that female nudity should be a non-issue!

And of course, she is known for saying this:

“I just wanna watch horror movies and fuck. Too much to ask?”

Not at all!

She resides in Los Angeles, California, and is the mother of an autistic son.

I discovered Diana when I came across this ad for the Shudder original series “The Last Drive-In.” She works with Joe Bob Briggs, playing “Darcy The Mail Girl”:

Diana is very active on social media – and is clearly having a blast this Halloween!

Bravo to Diana for a great career and passion for cult cinema!

Many of our Cult Movie Queens created iconic characters – case in point: Elvira!

Yes, Elvira is an entertainment Icon, but did you know that Cassandra Peterson was a provocative Model as well…see more of her candid work by clicking on my story here:

Ginger Lynn Allen was one of the first Adult stars to cross over into mainstream film – after a sizzling career in XXX-rated films:

This adult film superstar also made some fun mainstream films, and you can see the best of both by clicking on my story here:

I have been spending the entire month looking at the careers of empowered Cult Horror Queens like Brigitte Lahaie:

She starred in adult films and classic French horror gems as well – click here to see them all:

Actress Christina van Blanc had a wild career with some terrific horror gems as well:

Click here if you want to know what the hell is going on here!

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Let me know if you follow Diana Prince – and bravo to her for such a great career!

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5 replies

  1. I hadn’t heard of her, or the films. But she looks amazing, and the films look like fun! 🙂
    (She is named as ‘Darcy’ in some parts of the post, John.)
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I went off to follow her on social media…and found I already do! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely lady. Her and Joe Bob Briggs are a Godsend to B movie fandom and culture. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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