Cult Actress Maribel Martin Is “The Blood-Splattered Bride!” Celebrate “Shocktober 2022” With A “Can’t Turn Away” Title!

A Cult Movie Is Restored To All Its Infamous Glory!

Yes, sometimes a title CAN say it all, and it certainly does here: this is a legendary cult horror film that has been re-released for a new generation of film buffs!

“Shocktober 2022” has the story of a neglected horror gem that has been restored for new generations to enjoy!

Here is how the terrific home video website “” describes their terrific blu-ray release of “The Blood-Splattered Bride”:

“Thanks to its title alone, this Spanish entry in the lesbian vampire craze of the 1970s became a 42nd Street and drive-in favorite. Like most European horror films, it suffered a number of heavy cuts before reaching the States, but its bizarre imagery and visceral nastiness still gripped viewers well into the home video era.”

The film stars Maribel Martin as the bride.

And now, an uncut remastered version was released, thanks to Mondo Macabro!

Martin absolutely beautiful, and also does a great job acting in a complex role.

Here is the trailer for the film’s original release.

This is a great 70’s horror film that is as provocative as it is “blood splattered!”

Maribel Martin is one of the film’s many pleasures, especially in an uncut form – this Actress went on to have more than 40 screen credits, but none with a title as cool as this one!

And Great News For Cult Film Fans!

Mondo Digital shared the great news about a newly released version of the film:

“Fully restored to its original perverse glory, this film has since been reappraised as a striking and essential entry in development of erotic cinematic horror, and forming a sort of sexy, dreamlike trilogy along with Harry Kümel’s Daughters of Darkness and Roger Vadim’s Blood and Roses, this nominal adaptation of J. Sheridan Le Fanu’s oft-filmed Carmilla strays very far from its source but still captures the twisted essence of the Gothic vampire tale.”

There are a lot of special features included on this new release as well:

“A very solid, well-versed new audio commentary with Daughters of Darkness’ Kat Ellinger and Samm Deighan puts the film in context within the cycle of lesbian vampire films, discusses Aranda’s reputation in his native country, explains the background of Spain necessary to appreciated the film, the female archetypes at play in the story, the queasy gender conflicts at play here including the innocent child treatment of Susan, and the ties to other filmmakers of the era like Eloy de la Iglesia, Jess Franco, José Ramón Larraz, and Pedro Almodóvar. Andreu is featured in a substantial two-part interview by Uwe Huber segregated into a discussion of this film (32m13s) and then the rest of his career (28m36s), including some sifting through lobby cards and video releases of his films as he chats (mostly in excellent English) about how he got into the business and had to do some impromptu translating and dialogue coaching on this film, not to mention a completely bizarre tangent about actor (and government agent) Dean Selmier, his affection for this particular film as one of his dozen favorites, his discomfort with the level of sexual explicitness Aranda wanted, the advantages of speaking English (not with a precisely Castilian accent), his work with “crazy” Amando de Ossorio and Luciano Ercoli, and lots more.”

The website goes on to explain even more great features on the release:

“Next up, cinematographer Fernando Arribas appears for a featurette 32m26s) about his switch from studying to become an engineer to working in cinematography, his first collaboration with Aranda on Fata Morgana, the working relationship with Bastedo and Andreu, the shooting locations, and the trickery involved in shooting the memorable beach scene. Finally, author Jonathan The Blood Spattered BrideRigby (Euro Gothic: Classics of Continental Horror Cinema) offers his own dissection (28m20s) of this place in the European classic horror pantheon as it plays The Blood Spattered Bridewith familiar horror tropes (a mangled portrait, a mysterious chapel, etc.) in an unorthodox and extremely Spanish fashion compared to other Carmilla-inspired Euro horrors like The Vampire Lovers and Terror in the Crypt.”

Bravo on this great release – and to see more about it, as well as a ton of other great reviews, check out the Mondo digital website here:

Bravo to Mondo Macabro for bringing this film back – this home video company is keeping so many great cult films alive – check out their website for more on this title:

If this whets your whistle for some Spanish horror, bite into this:

Yes, the film was called “Vampires Night Orgy”, and you can see more by clicking on my story here:

I love “Shocktober 2022” because I can shine a spotlight on some Cult Horror Queens who might not be as well known, like Marrianne Morris:

This provocative Actress starred in one of the most erotic shockers of the 70’s, along with co-star Anulka:

If you haven’t seen “Vampyres”, click her for the trailer and much much more!

Another European sex kitten was “Nadiuska”, famous for her films, but she had such a shocking personal life as well – click here to see it all:

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Let me know what you think about “The Blood-Splattered Bride!”

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7 replies

  1. I have to confess that ‘Lesbian Vampire Horror’ was one of my favourite film genres!
    I have never seen this one though, so will seek it out. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Okay, I was checking on Amazon while leaving the previous comment. It is only available as a US import, on a Region 1 dvd that will not play in the UK. Shame.


  3. Very stylish flick. Pairs well with Daughters Of darkness.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. One of my favorite ladies, who stars in three of my favorite movies, La Residencia and Bell From Hell, as well as Bride, though I’ve always suspected her nudity might be a body double, since you can’t see her face in any of those scenes.


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