Here’s Eye-Popping “Candy” For Halloween! My 5 Sexiest Bites Of “Candy” For “Shocktober 2022!”

Who Wants Candy? I Do!

For the past 30 days, I’ve shared some of cult cinema’s great Horror Movie Queens for my “Shocktober 2022” countdown – but what’s the best part of Halloween?

That’s easy – CANDY!

When I was looking for fun stories to tell, I realized I had actually shared stories of many women named “Candy” – or empowered Actresses who have starred in “Candy” movie, so let’s look at 5 of the sexiest!

Let’s begin with Candy Loving – who was born Candis Loving in 1956 in Oswego, Kansas.

Candy grew up in Oklahoma and graduated from Ponca City High School in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

As happens when someone is as beautiful as Candy is, Playboy came calling.

Playboy’s Tasty 25th Anniversary Playmate!

Candy’s rise to fame was meteoric – first she was featured in Playboy in January 1979 as the Playmate Of The Month.

Then, Candy received an incredible honor: she was paid $25,000 dollars when chosen as Playboy’s 25th Anniversary Playmate!

I am watching a terrific documentary about the late Dorothy Stratten – and it points out that she came in second in the 25th Anniversary search – losing out to Candy!

A year later, Stratten would be chosen “Playmate Of The Year” but she had a tragic end to her life…

I posted this homage to Stratten to celebrate what would have been her 61st birthday in January – here’s a look at her life:

As for Candy, she did a follow-up pictorial in the August, 1979 issue of the magazine, and as with many popular Models at the time, it seems Hollywood was next!

These stunning photos were sure to be a prelude to an onscreen career:

Surprisingly, her sole feature film credit was a fleeting walk-on bit part at the end of Woody Allen’s “Stardust Memories.” This is his controversial film where the lead character, played by Allen, is a Director who hates his fans who want him to do funny movies – and it’s a sour, demeaning attack on his fans.

As for TV, Candy played herself in the “Who’s the Sexiest Girl in the World?” episode of the TV show “The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo.”

Like Stratten, you would have thought that fame was right around the corner, which is what made this article all the most mystifying:

So What Happened To Candy?

After these credits, Candy disappeared….or did she?

After graduating from high school, Candy attended the University of Oklahoma and earned a bachelor’s degree. She later got a graduate degree in human relations.

So, after being featured in Playboy, and making a film and TV appearance, reports say that Candy Loving moved to Florida in 1984 and works in the health insurance industry!

So, it seems that Loving used her education to move on from the entertainment spotlight to work in an profession she loved!

That said, Playboy didn’t forget her: she was voted #6 in Playboy’s “Top 100 Playmates Of All Time” in 2000 – so bravo to Candy for all of her success!

Since it is “Shocktober 2022”, let’s look at a few more examples of delicious “Candy”:

“Candy” Barr was a legendary exotic dancer and Actress who taught Joan Collins to strip!

Bite into her wild story here:

Want more Candy?

Sure you do, so how about some Candy Samples!

Candy Sample had a tasty run of hits, and you can see her biggest ones here!

Speaking of candy, how about “Candyman?”

Virginia Madsen starred in this Halloween classic – and you can see all of her provocative roles by clicking on my story here:

My last taste of “Candy” for “Shocktober 2022” is a gritty shocker starring Tiffany Bolling!

Tiffany Bolling starred in a lot of terrific cult films, but there were was that left a sour taste in her mouth – here’s the story of “The Candy Snatchers!”

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Hope you enjoyed “Shocktober 2022” – and more of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” to come!

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4 replies

  1. Candy Loving is definitely my type of “eye candy”! Still looking positively beautiful to me to this day!

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  2. I remember when Candy Loving first appeared. I had a small poster of her (kneeling on the bed) that I would keep handy. She was spectacular.

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  3. You served up some nice Candy, John. Candy Samples brought back memories of my youth!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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