The Mystery Of Actress Anne Knecht! From Her Provocative “Vampire In Venice” To Obscurity!

The Mystery Of A “One And Done” Actress!

Thanks to a blog reader who asked if I could find out what happened to an Actress named Anne Knecht – and boy did it lead to a wild wild story!

Anne Knecht only appeared in a single film, the 1988 shocker called “Vampire In Venice”….it starred Klaus Kinski and Christopher Plummer – and what I found out in researching the film is as shocking as anything in the movie!

It turns out, what happened behind the scenes on the film is more entertaining that what ended up onscreen.

This is how the terrific “Blood Pit Of Horror” blog described the chaos behind the scenes between star Kalus Kinski and the THIRD Director!

Argusto Caminito was one of several Directors for the film…as the blog notes:

Kinski got into a violent dispute with Caminito the first day of filming, threw a mirror at his face and called him a “hack” and “a shitty director.” Caminito walked off set and refused to come back unless Kinski apologized to him. Needless to say, that never happened. Caminito would become the third director to leave the project… and the third to take his full salary with him.

Anne Knecht’s Big Movie Break!

All of this leads to Anne Knecht. The odds are overwhelming that you’ve never heard of Anne – because this is the only film she ever appeared in!

And it’s a fascinating story that sheds light on just how wild the film business can be – and Klaus Kinski was!

According to “Bloody Pit”, Anne wasn’t even an Actress! Apparently, Kinski was a madman on set and had the original Actress cast in the role fired. Here’s what happened next that led to Knecht being hired – she was simply “the replacement for the actress Kinski got fired. Knecht was not an actress; she was the girlfriend of Voyagis and was on the set visiting him when Kinski decided to “cast” her in this film!”

This is Anne’s ONLY film credit – there is no other information anywhere about her online that I could find!

Yes, her role involved several lovemaking scenes with Kinski – and she got the role because he saw her and liked her!

Apparently, this film was a disaster behind the scenes – here’s another wild story:

Actress Elvire Audray was known for films like “The Scorpion With Two Tails” in 1982 and “Ironmaster” in 1983. 

She also appeared in “Vampire In Venice” – and her story is even more shocking!

Elvire is one of several Actresses in the film who have nude scenes with Kinski – and as “Bloody Pit” reports, there were lots of issues with the filming! Here’s what they say about Elvire:

“Much of the production information in this review is from the book Italian Horror Movies, written by Cozzi and Antonio Tentori. The section on this film also explains a troubling incident between Kinski and one of the actresses. Though the female half isn’t named, it’s obviously Ms. Audray since part of the scene actually described remains in the finished film. According to Cozzi, the script called for Kinski to grab his victim and bite her on the neck. Instead, he charged at her “like a wild animal,” actually beat her up (for real!), ripped off all her clothes and undergarments and started biting her right on the vagina! Audray fled the set crying and Kinski maniacally screamed “Bitch!” at her as she ran off. Afterward, Audray understandably refused to do any more scenes with the crazed actor, which may explain why she disappears from the rest of the movie.”

What a story – and there is so much more!

Head to the “Bloodypitofhorror” blog for the entire story and so much more!

Knecht isn’t the only “one and done” Actress I’ve profiled:

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Lisa had a single film credit but what a credit it was!

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I also profiled one film with a number of “one and done” Actresses!

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  1. Kinski was famously difficult of course, and considered by some to be insane. But he did give us his performance in the wonderful ‘Aguirre The Wrath Of God’, a simply amazing film. (Directed by Werner Herzog) So I forgive him. 🙂 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.



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