Actress Andrea Allen “Vanished” With “Old Dracula!” Her Wild Cult Film Career!

Celebrating A True Cult Movie Queen!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has been looking at the careers of some of our great Cult Movie Queens…even those who never became so-called “Superstars”…

Andrea Allen is an Actress who appeared in a number of classic cult films, but if you don’t know her, you’re not alone: I only came across her because of this classic Grindhouse poster:

Yes, the “it’s only a movie” ad was knocked off a lot during this time…it originated in this classic shocker:

So how did Andrea Allan end up in a “house that vanished?” Let’s take a look!

Andrea was born in 1946 in Glasgow, Scotland. She ultimately had more than 20 screen credits, beginning with this slice of “euro-sleaze”:

Der Porno-Graf von Schweden (1969)

This German version of Pete Walker’s “For Men Only” had extra footage added for more “relaxed” countries, and they were directed by Günter Hendel.

These films were routinely renamed, reduced and released all around the world…it was this one, however, that made me discover Allen:

“The House That Vanished!”

This was also known as “Scream… and Die!”

Allan stars as a young model who, along with her petty thief boyfriend, find their way through the English fog to a backwoods manor in hopes of looting it. What they find instead is murder!

The 1973 film’s trailer does the exact same thing the poster does – tie this to the company that made “The Last House On The Left” the year before…check it out:

Allan had a great role in the film, which looks like a nice gritty little thriller:

Her co-star in the film was Judy Matheson, who is also a legendary cult movie Queen:

She appeared in some great British shockers of the 70’s as well, alongside Luan Peters:

Peters had a great career – see her most provocative highlights here:

Allen was also a very popular Model for Men’s magazines like Mayfair in England:

Next up for Allen was this parody of the “Dracula” story:

“Old Dracula” in 1974 was also called “Vampira”.

In order to revive his long hibernating bride Vampira, Count Dracula takes blood samples from several beautiful models, but during the transfusion, Vampira’s race turns from white to black!

Linda Hayden also appears in this film – she had a wild cult film career as well:

There was only one film she regretted making, and you can see what it was by clicking on my story here:

Allen also posed for French Playboy in December 1975 – a terrific series of moody poses:

Allan also appeared with Naiduska in the British sex comedy “Spanish Fly!” I have profiled this Cute Movie Queen as well:

She was a provocative Actress with a wild private life as well…see it all by clicking on my story here:

Allan is one of many Cult Movie Queen of that era, like Barbara Bouchet:

She posed for Playboy as well and starred in some terrific movies like “Cry Of A Prostitute!”

Click here to see more of her provocative career:

After appearing regularly on the British comedy “The Benny Hills Show” in 1977, Allen took a decade-long break before coming back for two more TV roles, but that was it!

Bravo to her for a great career!

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  1. I remember ‘Vampira’. It had a wonderful cast, but was ultimately a disappointing film. I actually went to the cinema to see it. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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