The Wild Films Of Actress Laurie Rose! From “The Abductors” To #WIP “The Hot Box” And Sexy “Roommates” Too!

Celebrating The Provocative Career Of Actress Laurie Rose!

All year, as part of my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown”, I have profiled Actresses from all generations – and I suddenly realized that I hadn’t profiled an Actress who has been in so many of my posts – as a co-star!

You see, Cult Movie Queen Laurie Rose has appeared in many of the films of the Actresses I have profiled – wait until you see some of her co-stars!

Laurie Rose was Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

That is literally all I could find out about her, except that she is in a ton of great 70’s films!

Laurie also acted under the name Jennifer Brooks – and she ended up appearing with some of the great Cult Movie Queens of the 70’s – let’s look at some of the wildest…

Laurie was in this VERY adult take on a classic story:

No need to wonder what this one is about!

As says: A crazed doctor, who has already murdered a man, finds Dr. Jekyll’s diary and mixes up Jekyll’s formula. He mixes up a batch of the potion, turns into the Jekyll monster and begins to stalk, rape and murder women.

Here is the trailer:

Apparently, the DVD release has a great commentary track by the late Producer David Friedman, and look who else stars in it – because Laurie worked with some of the greats:

Yes, the icon Rene Bond bares all – as she always did!

Click here for more of her wild career:

This is just one of a string of wild sexploitation films for Rose, some of the grittiest films of that era:

“The Abductors”

This is a classic 70’s sexploitation plot: Cheerleaders and models are kidnapped & sold by a white slavery ring, and “Ginger” star Cheri Caffaro is sent in to save them!

These films pushed the “R” and “X”-rated boundaries at a time when obscenity laws were going away and cult cinema thrived!

Cheri Caffaro also starred in the “Ginger” series of films:

She had a wild career as well and you can see all of it by clicking here:

Laurie Rose was in a classic “women in prison” picture as well – with a lurid movie poster that uses every innuendo they had!

“The Hot Box”

What’s wild about this film is that it was co-written and produced by Jonathan Demme, who went on to win an Oscar for directing “The Silence Of The Lambs!”

Margaret Markov also starred in this one, as well as another classic #WIP film:

Yep, she showered with Pam Grier in two separate films: the classic “Black Mama White Mama” as well as the gladiator prison flick “The Arena!”

See all of her most provocative work here:

Laurie Rose also worked as Jennifer Brooks, and in her career appeared in more than twenty films and TV shows…and when I profiled this next film recently, I had no idea Laurie was one of “the roommates!”

“The Roommates”

Laurie was one of “The Roommates” in 1974 – five lovely young ladies who decide to spend their summer vacation at Lake Arrowhead, where they hit the party circuit.

However, things go awry when the gals find themselves the targets of a mysterious murderer.

See the buxom Uschi Digard? She had an uncredited role in the film as “Orgy Girl” – well, what else would you expect from this Icon?

Uschi was in so many classic exploitation films – see all of them by clicking on my story here:

Roberta Collins also starred as one of the roommates as well:

Oh yeah, she also once got yelled at by the legendary Claudia Jenkins…see all of her wild career highlights by clicking on my story here:

For Laurie, her cult films just kept coming, like this one:

In the 1974 film “The Working Girls”, Rose starred in the story of a groupie, an escort girl and a stripper who get into trouble thanks to their bad boyfriends!

Laurie Rose kept working, but gradually moved out of the drive-in movie roles.

She transitioned into TV shows like “Adam-12” and “Hill Street Blues”, but then her trail runs dry… says she worked as a belly dancer in Los Angeles, CA, under the name Mesmera in 2011, but there’s no confirmation of that!

Bravo to Laurie for an incredible cult film career!

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  1. Whoever drew the poster for “The Hot Box” should be thrown in prison if that Molotov-cocktail-toting blonde is supposed to be Margaret Markov!

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  2. Also in The Suckers (1972) with Barbara Mills (AKA Barbara Caron)!


  3. I haven’t seen any of the films, but the posters for them are a hoot! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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