Italian Sex Kitten Moana Pozzi’s Wild Life And Mysterious Death!

Time To Celebrate Italy’s Wild Sex Kitten Moana Pozzi!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of doing a “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” is coming across Cult Movie Queens I didn’t know…and here’s a great, sexy example!

Meet Adult Film Star “Moana”!

Anna Moana Rosa Pozzi was born in 1961 – best known in Italy simply as Moana! She is a legendary figure due to her wild life and mysterious death.

She was an Italian pornographic actress, television personality, and Model.

What a life!

From Children’s TV To XXX!

Moana Pozzi’s life is something you just can’t make up! 

She grew up IN Italy as well as Brazil and France, and when she turned 18 years old she began modeling, as well as TV work.

She appeared in her first hardcore movie, “Valentina, Girl in Heat”, credited as Linda Heveret, when she was 20 years old. 

Oh, there was a problem: at the same time the movie was released, she was still working on a children’s television program called “Tip Tap Club!”

She denied being the same person, but was dropped from the TV show and she used the uproar to become a star. In fact, from this point forward, “Moana” became of of Italy’s most notorious and popular stars!

She began using her real name in the adult film “Fantastica Moana”. 

As you can see, the camera loved her, and she loved her work as well! 

She also starred in “Delicious Curves” next to popular star Cicciolina and others, and according to wikipedia, it was the first live show in Italy where naked models would masturbate onstage!

They point out that the result of this scandal made her famous in the adult film world and soon she eclipsed the popularity of Cicciolina, at the time the most famous adult Actress in Italy.

At the same time, Cicciolina left the film business to pursue a political career in the Italian Parliament. 

What a government, huh?

Here’s her wild story as well:

Moana was now featured in magazines and newspapers, defying the cliché of the brainless pinup with her sexy, perceptive covers.

Ultimately, Moana Pozzi acted in one hundred adult films, mostly in Italy. 

Here are a few:

Wikipedia notes that she sold about one million videotapes. She was on the covers of 50 major magazines, not including pictorials in porn magazines. She was reportedly worth more than 50 billion 1990 Italian liras, about 26 million Euros.

Then, Her Tragic Death!

Time for the mystery: what happened to Moana? How did she die?

According to wikipedia:

“In 1994, Pozzi fell ill, unable to eat without vomiting and losing weight. She took time off from work to travel with her husband Antonio Di Ciesco to India and then to France. She died in Lyon, France on 15 September 1994, at the age of 33, reportedly of liver cancer. The cause of her death has been a subject of debate, with numerous suggestions being made, ranging from Pozzi being a spy for the KGB, killed by exposure to radioactive polonium, to dying from the result of assisted suicide orchestrated by her husband.”

What a shocking death!

TV shows have been done about her and people still question whether or not Pozzi died, and believe she may have faked her death to escape fame.

In 2006, over a decade after her death, the Italian crime show Chi l’ha visto? aired her death certificate which showed she had indeed died of liver cancer, along with her cremation certificate, showing her ashes had been given to family members.

A tragic death, but Moana will never be forgotten.

Her most recent claim to immortality came when Disney renamed their children’s animated film “Moana” due to Moana’s provocative career!

by the way, Moana’s not the only adult star who had a tragic ending to a wild life…

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Let me know if you are familiar with Moana Pozzi!

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  1. She was a stunner. And, it seems, a very sweet soul… Gone too soon.

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  2. I hadn’t heard of her, but she was gorgeous indeed. Such an awful way to die.
    Best wishes, Pete.



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