Gorgeous Cult Actress Martine Azencot Was One Of The “Seven Women For Satan!”

Celebrating The Revealing Work Of Martine Azencot!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” heads to France for a controversial film from the 70’s that introduced me to a Cult Movie Queen I had not heard of!

Thanks to a terrific newly remastered film release, I was introduced to Martine Azencot, and although there is little known about her, she has a few scenes in this film that are simply mesmerizing!

Cult Movie Queen Martine Azencot was born in France in 1956. She only acted in eleven films, and little is known about her – but wow, what an impact she made!

Let’s look at one of her most provocative films, now remastered with a ton of extra material thanks to Mondo Macabro!

“Seven Women For Satan!”

In this 1976 shocker, the film’s Director Michel Lemoine plays Boris Zaroff, a businessman who’s a descendant of a brutal Russian count.

As he meets these seven women, he can’t separate hallucination from reality when he sees visions of extreme violence against the young women staying at his castle.

Mondo Macabro has released a terrific blu-ray stuffed with extra material…here’s a look:

“Seven Women For Satan” was actually banned in France, and the blu-ray has two different version of the film. They also have a terrific interview with the Director and just so you know, there aren’t seven women featured in the film!

Check out the trailer:

One of the most interesting aspects of the film is that we aren’t quite sure if Boris Zaroff is insane – he alternates between violent fantasies and reality…and this is where Martine Azencot really shines as one of his fixations, especially when she rolls around nude on a bed with just this blue boa…

Is it this uninhibited sexual urge, witnessed in secret by Zaroff, that drive shim to kill? 

The film is filled with many erotic sequences that alternate between sex and violence…

What makes this film even better is that Joelle Coeur, who was in my “2020 Sex Kitten Countdown”, also stars as another woman who wears that same revealing outfit…or is it just his fantasy?

As you can see, the camera loved Joelle as well, and she was very comfortable baring all onscreen. Her role become more disturbing as the film goes on before a shock ending!

Coeur was also a French Actress in the 70’s, and I have also shared Joelle’s revealing career, which you can see by clicking on my story here:

Azencot also has an erotic dance sequence in the film as well, but you have to ask yourself as you watch: did it happen or was it another of Zaroff’s fantasies? The film makes you wonder yourself:

Martine is terrific in the film, especially in a few shockingly violent sequences…the Actress only made eleven films, but she was comfortable doing nude scenes as you can see from this still from another of her French efforts:

After such a revealing career, Martine simply dropped out of sight. I can’t find any information about her after these films at all!

This stunning French Actress is working watching in this unique, brooding sex shocker – thanks as always to Mondo Macabro for releasing it with so many great extras!

I’m always looking for cult films from the 70’s – the pacing is slower to be sure, but why are also more hypnotic: here’s a great example:

Brigitte Lahaie was in “Fascination” and XXX-rated films as well!

Click here to see more of her provocative career!

French Sex Kittens were so popular in the 70’s:

French Actress Julia Perrin had a wild career before she disappeared – click here for her mysterious story:

And lets not forget about this stunning French Model:

Muriel Rousseau was stunning, and you can see her most provocative photo shoot by clicking here:

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  1. Martine had an amazing body, and the trailer was suitably lurid. The scene with the black dog was definitely pushing some boundaries though!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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