Christine Szenetra Was A Wild “Schoolgirl!” Germany’s Controversial “Documentary” Series Was Packed With Sex Kittens!

Taking Attendance For Another Wild “Schoolgirl Report!”

If you are unaware, the 70’s brought us one of the most inappropriate and sleazy slices of cult cinema thanks to the German company behind the notorious “Schoolgirl Report” series!

It all began in 1970 with the first film, a pseudo-documentary looking at the sexual awakening of high school girls and the inherent dangers that resulted….

The films were routinely re-titled for America, and over the course of the next decade, 13 films were released – all offering “guidance” for parents who were concerned about their daughters – and the films were filled with non-stop nudity and sexual situations…and one starred this Actress!

Actress Christine Szenetra appeared in the 8th edition of the series…she ended up acting in a number of “euro-sleaze” films over a few years in the mid-70’s!

“Euro-sleaze” is a provocative style of cinema filled with nudity, sex and violence – and these films were shipped off to the US under a number of different titles…let’s look at Christine’s work in this genre…

Her “Schoolgirl Report” was #8 in the series and had this subtitle:

“What Parents Must Never Know!”

“Schoolgirl Report #8: What Parents Must Never Know”

Christine got her movie start in this provocative edition from 1974 – the films all had a similar setup: a series of “cautionary” tales that showcased beautiful young women discovering the dangers of sex.

In this edition, a group of young co-eds who are away from home at boarding school share intimate stories about their “first-time” in a revealing session of show and tell. 

These films pushed the boundaries of “X-rated cinema, just staying on the right side of hardcore cinema…that allowed them to be shown at drive-in theaters and grind houses around the world…

So many European films of that era were sent out with a variety of titles – like “Varsity Playthings” from 1975, where Christine had an uncredited role.

Many of her posters are in German – here are a few more of her titles:

“Easy Come, Easy Go” and “Sensational Janine” both were from 1976 – there are posters online with different titles, so they could have ended up in the US with any sort of provocative title:

After a run of softcore sex films, she was done working by the late 70’s, and I couldn’t find any information about her…

Christine was just one of dozens of European Actresses who appeared int he “Schoolgirl” films, like this Icon:

Christina Lindberg appeared in volume #11 of the series, along with some of the most interesting “Artsploitation” films of the 70’s – see them all by clicking on my story here:

Here’s another German Actress who appeared in the “Schoolgirl Report” series:

Marisa Feldy had a wild career and then disappeared…click here for her story:

Here’s another European sex kitten who appeared in this series:

Marie Ekorre starred in some wild euro-sleaze classics, most re-titled for US release – click here to see them all!

And here’s another “Euro-sleaze” Actress I profiled:

Ulrike Butz was an aggressive star of many euro-sleaze classics and you can see all of them here:

Of course, in the US we had our own versions of these “reports” – again mostly re-titled European films:

Yes, this “Housewives Report” was another series of so-called “documentaries” that were just thinly disguised softcore sex films:

Actress Angelika Baumgart starred in a number of them and you can see her wildest films by clicking on my story here:

Many of these “Report” Actresses never became stars, but it wasn’t for lack of trying:

Sonja Jeannine was an “Intimate Teenager” – just one of her wild roles – see them all here:

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  1. The euro-sleaze girls were fabulous! Their beauty, full bushes, and alluring appeal were fantastic. Too bad they weren’t better known and publicized on American turf. More of their movies still need to be released to this day. Censorship of beauty has always been an aggravation.

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  2. Ah, those ‘Educational’ sex films. Anything to get past the censors! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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