Meet “Intimate Teenager” Sonja Jeannine And Her “Bod Squad!”

Meet “Euro-Sleaze” Movie Queen Sonja Jeannine!

First, let me clarify that this is a compliment! “Euro-Sleaze” was a highly provocative series of X-rated films from Germany and other European countries in the early 70’s where the censorship rules were more relaxed, leading to some wild wild films making it to America!

Some of the wildest starred Sonja Jeannine, a beautiful young Actress who made a splash in some of the best of the 70’s!

Sonja Jeannine was born in Austria is 1956. There is little about her life online, but her movie credits offer a tantalizing taste of her career!

She got her start when she appeared, uncredited, in the classic Euro-Sleaze series “Schoolgirl Report!”

She was in “Part 5: What All Parents Should Know!”

These films were legendary for their graphic nudity and sexual situations, while purporting to be “educational documentaries” designed to warn parents about the sexual revolution!

Marie Ekorre starred in one of them a swell and also had a great career as a Model as well! See more of her here:

As for Sonja, her wild career was just getting started.

That same year, 1973, she appeared in these provocatively titled films as well!

“14 And Under” and “Intimate Teenager!”

Wow! Imagine films with these titles being made today – you can’t because this was an era where these “Euro-Sleaze” films were pushing all sort of boundaries to fight back again XXX-rated cinema that didn’t have to hold back at all!

In 1974 she appeared in “Teenage Playmates” – again, films produced in Europe, filled with nudity and sexual situations, were making their way to the US in a variety of versions to play at grind house theaters and drive-ins as well!

Sonja had more than thirty screen credits, but while most use only a single “N” in her last name, Jeanine, all of the online biographies say that her name was spelled Jeannine!

And thanks to a cult film friend, this is how I found out about her!

“The Bod Squad!”

Yes, this poster was shared on a Facebook cult movie page, and I was intrigued! This was also released in 1974 and what a wild plot!

Five Western girls are kidnapped by Chinese pirates and sold to a brothel. While they are being trained to become prostitutes, a couple of local citizens take mercy on them and plots their escape by teaching them kung-fu. 

The five scantily-clad girls, using their newfound martial arts skills then fight their way to freedom.

Check out the trailer:

Yes this one had a lot of different names: “Foreign Prostitutes” and “Virgins Of The Seven Seas” as well!

Um…could this Australian poster ever fly today?


Another Facebook friend shared this vintage newspaper ad for the movie as well…the second feature on what looks like a highly entertaining double feature!

Note the “Woods” Theater opened at 9a in the morning – that folks is a “grind house” theater!

And about this film – let’s begin with a few choice bits of dialogue:

Wow, this one is a classic, and Sonja Jeanine doesn’t hold back!

Sonja was gorgeous, athletic and free-spirited, just the qualities that great cult cinema needs!

She also appeared in a number of men’s magazines as well:

After this, she appeared in a variety of films and a spaghetti westerns before transitioning into TV series work in Germany – and then her days as a sex kitten were over!

According to online reports, she now lives in Las Vegas.

She was just one of the Cult Actresses that have appeared in that notorious “Schoolgirl” series:

Her name was Ulrike Butz and she had a very similar career – click here to see all of her provocative highlights!

Of course, the Germans had all sorts of “reports” to share, like this wildly successful and inappropriate film series that ran more than a dozen editions:

Marisa Feldy appeared in some – always naked of course, since these “cautionary” films were designed to scare parents and excite young men!

She was also in “14 And Under” and much much – see more of her work here:

And if not “schoolgirl” reports, how about these “housewives”?

Doris Arden starred in a film that exposed all of their secret desires, and you can see all of hers by clicking on my story here:

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve seen any of Sonja’s films!

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  1. ’14 and Under’! Imagine the uproar if they tried to release that in the ‘modern world’.
    Great tribute to a lost genre, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. man, I was thinking the same exact thing


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