Celebrating The “Opening” Of Adult Star Constance Money! Her Short But Very Sweet Career!

Celebrating Adult Superstar Constance Money!

I created my “Sex Kitten Countdown” to shine a spotlight on some of the great Cult Movie Queens of all eras…and has highlighted some of the adult industry’s legendary Icons especially from the “Golden Age Of Porn!”

One of the most fascinating is Constance Money – an Adult Star who debuted in one of the most acclaimed adult films of all time!

She was born Susan Jensen in 1956 in Pennsylvania.

Before becoming adult Superstar Constance Money, Susan was a cheerleader and at Inglemoor High School in Kenmore, Washington.

She got her start in one of the most uniquely titled adult films of 1975:

“Confessions Of A Teenage Peanut Butter Freak!”

It was her next film however that made her a star!

This was one of the high water marks for 70’s adult cinema.

As IMDB.com notes in her bio:

“Few adult-film performers have had such an auspicious debut in the business as Constance Money did. Her first role was in what is generally considered to be the most critically acclaimed and honored adult film of all time.”

It was the 1976 film “The Opening Of Misty Beethoven”, a XXX-rated version of the “My Fair Lady” story.

How Constance Got Her Name!

Here’s a great piece of trivia, dealing with how Constance Money became Constance Money!

Radley Metzger directed the film under his “nom de plume” Henry Paris, and he was the one who re-named Susan Jensen – coming up with her official Adult Movie Queen name of “Constance Money.” 

To support the film, Constance appeared in a provocative pictorial for Playboy:

Even the film made her a star, Constance had some sharp words about the experience…as IMDB.com notes in her bio, this is what she had to say:

“I didn’t get paid for [The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1976)]. Nor did I sign a release. I didn’t have a good attitude and I didn’t like Henry Paris [“Misty” director Radley Metzger.”

Oops! Still, she was a star and soon had a string of leading roles like these:

Constance followed that film with “Mary! Mary!” which was also big hit.

Here are more of her most popular adult films:

These were some of the best adult films of that era…combining sex with more artistic ambitions. C.J. Laing appeared in this film as well, and she was a wild adult performer from that era:

C.J. had a fascinating career and you can see all of her by clicking on my story here:

Constance worked with Adult Superstar Annette Haven in a number of films as well like these:

Haven is an Icon, with a long string of terrific adult films:

You can see more of Annette’s best work by clicking on my story here:

Constance was working with some of the most acclaimed names in the business – but it didn’t last!

Even with all of her success, after just a few more films, Money left the business, leaving behind only eight film appearances!

After quitting the business, she returned in 1982 for this last appearance before she left the business again, this time for good. 

She was a natural beauty as these photos showed:

The last bit of information on her I found suggested she was running an air freight business in Alaska.

Then there is this photo, from the greatest adult history website around:

This picture is from the terrific “Rialto Report” – which has amazing stories and interviews about the golden age of porn – this picture is from a story that shares how Constance landed her iconic role in “Misty Beethoven”…click here for their inside look!

As I said, Constance wasn’t in the business for long. Actress Jean Jennings also had a short career in adult films – and she was also married to character Actor Joe Spinnell as well!

You can see more of her life and career by clicking here:

Here’s another iconic Adult Actress who clearly had a “stage name” different than the one she was born with – why?

Well, I doubt anyone would be named that!

Click here to see the fascinating story of Little Oral Annie!

And here’s another Cult Actress who had a short but sweet career in adult entertainment:

Bridgette Monet had a great adult film career…you can see it all here:

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Let me know your favorite Constance Money film!

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  1. I had never heard of those films, or of Constance. Surprised to hear she didn’t get paid for her breakout hit, yet went back to work with the same director.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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