Actress Molly Peters Was 007’s First Ever “Nude Bond Girl!” Here Are “007” Of The Best!

“Who’s Up For A Workout?”

Molly Peters is, that’s for sure!

You might recognize her from her sexy outfit, which became iconic thanks to a very suave British Secret Agent in the 60’s who managed to take it off of her – the first nude scene ever in a 007 film!

Celebrating The Life Of “Bond Girl” Molly Peters!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” looks at the short but very sweet career of a classic Pin-Up Model who becomes legendary for a single role!

Molly Peters was born in 1939 in Walsham-le-Willows in Suffolk England.

A normal childhood led to the inevitable career choice for a beautiful young woman – pinup Model!

Peters started modeling in a variety of Men’s magazines of that time: the early 60’s were filled with titles like “Men”, “Beau,” “Ace,” “Parade,” “Best for Men,” “Dapper,” and “Escapade.”

By this time, magazines were willing to show more flesh, or in this case ALL of the flesh – just posed in a certain way to stay “just on this side” of decency and obscenity laws…

Then there were the “private” photo shoots that were more daring – either sold underground or “underneath the counter” as it was said at the time…

Molly appeared in dozens of men’s magazines, but after appearing in a few films either uncredited or in very small roles, fame came knocking – hard!

Her greatest screen role was in the terrific James Bond film “Thunderball”:

First, stop for a moment to enjoy that classic 60’s Bond poster…great imagery, tagline and confidence, as this was a film that knew it was a smash hit and couldn’t wait to prove it!

Early in the film, 007 goes to a health spa for some undercover work…cue Molly:

As you can see, the camera loved her, and being a “Bond girl” gave her a whole new opportunity to pose for pictures likes these:

007’s First Nude “Bond Girl!”

Molly achieved her greatest enduring cult cinema popularity with her memorably sensuous portrayal of Patricia Fearing, the fetching masseuse who gets seduced by James Bond at the Shrubland health club in “Thunderball.” As noted in “She was discovered by director Terence Young and has the distinction of being the first Bond girl to be seen taking her clothes off on screen.”

Molly’s memorable scene as “Bond Girl” Patricia Fearingcame in “Thunderball” when, after managing 007, he takes her into a steam room and she presses up nude against the glass!

In the wake of her 007 stint Peters acted in two more movies and popped up on episodes of the TV shows “Armchair Theatre” and “Baker’s Half-Dozen.” 

A Career Ended Too Soon…

Just a few years after her appearance in “Thunderball”, online reports say that Peters had her acting career abruptly cut short after reportedly having a falling out with her agent!

Ultimately, the Actress only had ten screen credits…and little is known of her after leaving acting, except for getting married and having a son.

Sadly, this groundbreaking “Bond Girl” died in 2017…but she was one of many who ended up in the pages of men’s magazines…

Martine Beswick had a great cult career and appeared with Sean Connery as well…as did the legendary Claudine Auger:

She also appeared in a classic Italian “Giallo” thriller and more – sadly she died a few years ago but I shared this look at her life and career…see her best work here:

Since we are discussing “Bond girls”, how about Denise Richards?

Click here to see many more great photos and trivia about this “wild” Actress:

Or what about this “Bond Girl” – well, at least in credits only!

Margaret Nolan was a Bond girl in a very unique way – click my story to see how!

There have been some unique “Bond girls” to be sure, like one who ended up marrying a Beatle!

Barbara Bach was in one of 007’s most popular films, but she had a provocative career as well – click her for all of her highlights:

And what about this controversial “Bond girl” who revealed her affair with 007?

Lana Wood made that claim recently – either way, what a memorable turn in the series – click here for her Playboy pictorial and her memorable 007 scene!

And finally, number “007” of my favorite “Bond girls” was the first American to have that title:

Jill St. John appeared in “Diamonds Are Forever” and had a wild career beyond Bond as well…click here to see more:

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  1. Great article. Where are the topless photos of her in the blue shirt and black glove from? Playboy or Modern Man?


  2. I don’t remember Molly, but ‘Parade’ magazine was a favourite when I was young. Margaret Nolan was a one of my British glamour girl crushes, especially after her performance in ‘Carry On Girls’. (1973)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. “Oh James!” Here Are 007’s Sexiest “Bond Girls!” Who Is Your Favorite? – JR-Sploitation!

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