Actress Francoise Pascal Went To “School For Sex!” See Her Great Film And Modeling Career Here!

“You made more money out of selling nudity.”

And so “sell it” she did, but how did Francoise Pascal feel about it? Well, meet the Model / Actress who enjoyed doing it one way but not the other!

Celebrating The Career Of Francoise Pascal!

All year long, my “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has looked at the careers of some of the great Cult Movie Queens of all eras.

In this case, we have an Actress and Model who enjoyed nudity one way much more than the other…let’s find out why!

Francoise was born in 1949 on the Island of Mauritius. 

She took part in a newspaper ‘Girl of the Year’ contest and became a dancer on the B.B.C.’s “Top of the Pops” show.

She became a popular Model and also scored a role in the 1968 film “Loving Feeling” before she entered the “School For Sex!”

This is a classic “nudge nudge wink wink” British sex comedy about a guy who starts a “finishing school” for nubile young women like Francoise:

She was a “sex kitten” from the beginning, and next up for her was a terrific photo shoot in Penthouse magazine:

She posed for Penthouse in August 1970, and also appeared on the cover of Club International in 1972.

She ended up in many men’s magazines, but how did she feel about the total nude photo shoots?

Here’s what she said about the work:

“It brought me money. Money to pay bills and rent! Of all the nudity I’ve ever done, Penthouse was the most wonderful experience ever!”

So, Francoise enjoyed the experience and of course the money it brought…back in the film world, she continued to appear in provocative roles as well:

“The Iron Rose”

This 1973 horror film was directed by Jean Rollin, who also made provocative films with a number of the world’s most beautiful women.

Here is the trailer:

More sexy horror was to come:

“Burke & Hare”

This British horror film tells the story of two grave robbers who realise that demand for corpses is outstripping supply, so they take matters into their own hands and prey on drunken prostitutes in the brothels and alleyways of Victorian England.

Here is the trailer:

One of the other prostitutes in the film is played by Yutte Stensgaard – you know her for many a memorable horror moment:

She had “Lust For A Vampire” and so much more…find out why she disappeared for decades and what she is doing now – click here for the story!

Francoise continued to appear in British sex comedies like this one:

“Keep It Up Downstairs”

As you can see, it’s a saucy comedy about artistocrats and sexy chambermaids!

She continued to pose for magazines, including this provocative shot with an Israeli tank!

As she said at the time about the photo and others taken with soldiers:

“It was fun to pose with the Israeli soldiers. They wanted to be in the pictures. They loved it! I took a picture with a tank, and that really looked like a phallic symbol. A subtle one. I liked holding the gun, too!”

But, let’s go back to her many nude scenes in film like these:

Here’s The Nudity She Did NOT Like!

It turns out, while she loved photo shoots in the buff, she hated doing nude scenes in film!

As she said:

“You made more money out of selling nudity. I hated it. I hated every moment. I never liked taking my clothes off. I couldn’t stand it. It felt so demeaning.”

So in many ways, Francoise was a contradiction: she hated nudity in films but enjoyed it in print. Bravo to her for charting a career path for herself – she went on to work for decades and still is active in TV.

She reminds me of another reluctant Actress:

Actress Marlene Appelt bard all in film of that time as well – until she disappeared!

Click here for her story:

And what of this “one and done” Actress?

Actress Annie Sparrow was kidnapped by “The Sinful Dwarf” and subjected to much abuse!

Is that the reason she disappeared forever?

Click here for her story:

And here’s another Actress who only made one film – but what a film it was!

She starred in the notorious shocker “Malicious” – and then never acted again!

Here’s that story:

Sometimes it’s difficult to follow an Actress’s career because they change their name during their career:

Donna Desmond was a “Naughty Nurse” and so much more!

See her story here:

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Let me know if you’ve seen any of these films!

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  1. They really need to bring back the bush.

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  2. Malicious: did you not mean Malibimba?


  3. Francoise was very well known here, but the only one of these films I have seen is ‘Burke and Hare’.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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