Cult Actress Janet Newell Is A “Fugitive Girl!” She Was One Of “Five Loose Women” And Here They All Are!

Celebrating The Short Career Of Actress Janet Newell!

This time of year, when “Black Friday” sales are on, is when I come across films that may have passed me by – and am always fascinated by the Actresses who star in them!

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Actress Janet Newell only appeared in two cult films, but one of them was so much fun it was released with two separate titles!

Janet made her big screen debut in the drive-in classic “Fugitive Girls” in 1974 – and what a revealing debut it was!

No wonder she’s excited – the film was released twice, with the original title and then this one as well:

“Fugitive Girls” also goes by the title “Five Loose Women”!

Here’s the plot: five inmates break out of a remote minimum security prison for women. Four are hardened convicts, the fifth was wrongfully convicted. As the authorities chase them down, the cons terrorize or kill anyone who gets in their way.

Check out the trailer:

Oh, and did you know that the script was co-written by the legendary Ed Wood Jr.?

This was at a time when Wood was venturing into XXX-rated cinema briefly…that may explain why these women just can’t seem to keep their clothes on!

Janet is one of the women, in a film that is packed with nudity and violence – just the kind of drive-in or grindhouse film of the 70’s that took advantage of the loosening of obscenity laws around the country…

As you would expect, these women couldn’t;’t keep their hands off each other, and always found an excuse to take their clothes off…

Janet is one of several iconic Cult Movie Queens in the film…

Rene Bond stars in the film – she was one of a few Actresses who worked in hardcore XXX-rated cinema as well as more mainstream R-rated fare like this as well…

Rene had a great career but aa sad life…click here to see her story:

As for Newell, her only other movie role was a uncredited bit in the notorious “Isla: She Wolf Of The SS” one year later…

This notorious series starred Dyanne Thorne as the brutal Nazi Prison Camp warden…wow, what a series this was!

Every film has a scene like this: women in cages paraded in front of Ilsa for her approval…

Janet was just one of many prisoners subjected to this…the iconic Colleen Brennan was in the film s well:

Collen worked in hardcore cinema as well…see her story here:

Of course, this film series was headed up by the legendary Dyanne Thorne:

She had a wild career and you can see all of the highlights by clicking here:

Donna Desmond is also in “Fugitive Girls”, as Donna Young…

She also had a wild career – but almost nothing is known about her!

Click here for her movie credits:

Another Actress who appeared in “Fugitive Girls” was Maria Arnold:

Arnold worked with Ed Wood Jr. on this notorious film and much more as well…click here for more of her story!

Bravo to Janet Newell for a very short but memorable film career. I’ve highlighted other Actresses who appeared in cult 70’s films then disappeared…here’s another Actress that Rene Bond starred with:

Cyndee Summers was another terrific Adult Movie Queen from that era…click here for the story of Cyndee Summers!

Actress Annette Michael also appeared in a number of adult film at that time:

She wasn’t a super star, but I was surprised to find out virtually nothing about her – click here for the mystery of XXX-rated star Annette Michael:

This Actress also appeared in many classic adult films of that era:

Terri Johnson was a “bored housewife” and so much more!

You can click on her story to see all of the Actresses she worked with in the era!

Well, there’s nothing to help find out who Annette is, but there are plenty of adult films that show her off, so we can live with that I guess!

If you like these stories, and want to keep up with the great cult Actresses from past and present, click my main page and sign up to have these stories delivered directly to your email!

Let me know if you’ve seen “Fugitive Girls!”

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  1. Love the old sexploitation movies of the 60’s and 70’s. The ones made during the 70’s seemed to have a few more better production values than the previous decade. Bare boobs all over the place kept guys like me from dropping off to sleep during them! And yes, Janet Newell was a total doll. Thanks for paying tribute to those boobilicious classics.

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  2. I didn’t know Janet’s work, but I did see the ‘SS She Wolf’ on VHS. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Fugitive Girls was certainly one of the best of its type of the era. Must watch it again. Thanks for reminding us about Janet’s part in it.


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