Celebrating “Cheeky” Sex Kitten Yuliya Mayarchuk! Here’s Her Iconic Role!

Celebrating Cult Actresses From Around The World!

It’s a wide wide cinematic world out there, and sometimes that means we never get to see some of the Cult Movie Queens from different countries, and Yuliya Mayarchuk is a perfect example!

“…jealousy makes me a lust maniac!”

Let’s find. out why!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” looks at the career of Ukrainian Actress Yuliya Mayarchuk, who was born in 1977 – and appeared in one of Director Tinto Brass’s most notorious films!

Yuliya Mayarchuk’s Greatest Cinematic Hits!

Tinto Brass was one of Italy’s great Erotic Film Directors…and of course, he directed the notorious “Caligula” as well! More on that later!

Yuliya got her start with Brass in 1999, appearing in his erotic short film “Sogno”:

As you can see, Yuliya had no problem with nude scenes, and this short film was certainly a calling card for her – as she became the newest sex kitten in European erotic entertainment:

Yuliya became a very popular pinup Model…the internet is filled with great photos of her – but it was the next year that she made her mark, thanks to Brass:

In 2000, she starred in “Trasgredire”, directed by Softcore Maestro Tinto Brass – this ended up being seen all over the world – known as:


This film had a simple tagline:

“The thought of you cheating on me, makes me crazy jealous. And jealousy makes me a lust maniac!”

The plot, if one was really necessary, involves Carla, who lives in a London apartment that overlooks the Thames river. She meets a highly sexualized real estate agent Moira – just one of her many “cheeky” sexual adventures.

The original title “TRA(SGRE)DIRE” translates from Italian as “to transgress” while the verb “Tradire” (minus the “sgre”) translates as “to betray.”

This film includes a notorious love scene with Yuliya that begins with a simple massage and becomes much much more:

“Cheeky” was hugely popular at the time, was a big fixture on the “VHS” home movie scene, and continues to do well on home video and streaming today…this provocative film gave Yuliya a spotlight that led her to appear in more than two dozen films over her career:

Erotic Short Circuits:

Most of her films were Italian releases, so while she bared all much of the time, most of these were never seen overseas…except of course for cult film fans who seek out the more obscure pieces of cinema to enjoy:

Yuliya still appears in many films and TV shows, but “Cheeky” was her biggest international hit…for Director Tinto Brass, he had a long career of controversial cinema including this film:

Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren and Peter O’ Toole starred in this X-rated epic, and you can re-live all of its decadence by checking out the extended home video edition…check out the details by clicking on my story here:

Bravo to Yuliya for a provocative career. As I said, many of these Cult Movie Queens don’t get the recognition they deserve because their films aren’t widely distributed in the US:

Debora Capriglio is a great example – this Italian sex kitten also starred for Tinto Brass – and had a wildly successful career…click here to see more of her provocative work:

Here’s another empowered European sex kitten not as well known in the US:

Ornella Muti had a great career and you can see all of her greatest hits by clicking on my story here:

Italy gave us some of the most exotic and beautiful Actresses of all time:

Moana Pozzi was hugely popular, and yes, her name caused some issues for Disney in her home country – click here to find out why!

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  1. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Perfect in every way.


  2. I did see ‘Cheeky’ on VHS, but had forgotten her name. Tinto Brass had a good run of saucy films on the VHS market back then.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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