The Fascinating Career And Shocking Death Of Cult Movie Queen Lynne Frederick!

The Sad Death Of A Hollywood Sex Kitten!

Hollywood is filled with stories of success – and excess, and falls from grace, and tragic endings – sadly that is the story of the Cult Movie Queen Lynne Frederick.

The Cautionary Tale Of Lynne Frederick…

Lynne Frederick was a promising British Actress in the early ’70s. She was called the “perfect combination of girl next door beauty, an angelic smile, an ethereal charm, and a classic fairy tale princess look that was all put into one gifted package.” 

Lynne’s greatest claim to fame may have been that she was the fourth and final wife of British Actor Peter Sellers – a very sad story in itself.

Frederick made her movie debut in the 1970 science fiction film, “No Blade of Grass”, then played Tsar Nicholas’s second eldest daughter, Tatiana, in the 1971 Oscar winning film, “Nicholas and Alexandra”. 

However, cult film fans will know her from three very popular horror films, beginning with this gothic gem:

“Vampire Circus!”

This 1972 cult horror film has been remastered and released on a special edition blu-ray.

The plot could have been pulled form today’s headlines! A plague sweeps the countryside, but a quarantined village is visited by a mysterious traveling circus. Soon, young children begin to disappear, and the locals suspect the circus troupe might be hiding a horrifying secret!

Frederick went on to make a variety of films, but her next sic-fi gem was this one:

What a great poster for this 1974 sci-fi movie!

Desert ants suddenly form a collective intelligence and begin to wage war on the inhabitants. It is up to two scientists and a stray girl they rescue from the ants to destroy them!

It was her next film that not only gave her a starring role, but a very revealing one as well!


This 1976 shocker was directed by Pete Walker, who also made the cult gem “The Flesh And Blood Show.”

A newly married woman becomes convinced someone from her past is stalking her, but nobody believes her until the bodies start to pile up.

This is the film that showcased Frederick’s natural beauty and innocence, even as she shows off her body in several scenes in the film. has this great trivia about the film:

When Frederick was cast, Director Pete Walker thought she had the long layered hairstyle that he saw her with in a film. He didn’t know that Frederick had cut her hair short and dyed it darker for the film she made before “Schizo”! At first Walker was shocked by Frederick’s bold transition, but he grew to like it feeling that it was “better suited for her character in the film.”

She also bared all of the film “The Four Of The Apocalypse…”

Her life changed dramatically when she married Peter Sellers, and would make her final movie appearance alongside him in “The Prisoner of Zenda.”

This is when things turned sour for Lynne. Sellers died only a few years later, and she then married TV Host David Frost, but that didn’t last. She was married one more time after that but divorced again.

This is how wikipedia described this time in her life:

“Following Sellers’ death, controversial will, ongoing feuds with her stepchildren, and her short marriage to David Frost, Frederick became a figure of hate and ridicule in the press. Labelled as a “gold digger” and a “professional wife” she was consequently shunned and blacklisted from Hollywood.”

All accounts talk about the overwhelming sadness of her life from that point on.

In the final years of her life, Lynne Frederick’s health spiraled downward as she allegedly struggled with alcoholism and depression. Rumors of chronic drug addiction, clinical depression, failed rehab treatments, and suicide attempts were reported in the tabloids about Frederick. 

Lynne Frederick’s Shock Death At 39!

On April 27 1994, Frederick was found dead by her mother in her West Los Angeles home – she was only 39 years old. A post-mortem failed to determine the cause of death, but they did rule out any foul play or suicide. Her remains were cremated in London, and her ashes were mingled and then interred with the ashes of Peter Sellers.

In a 1995 interview with Hello magazine, her mother, Iris, claimed that Lynne’s died from a seizure in her sleep. She also denied accusations that her daughter had a drug or alcohol problem.

“There is absolutely no truth in any of the stories I have read about Lynne’s death. I never saw Lynne taking cocaine. She liked a glass of wine, but so do most people and she was no more an alcoholic than the next person. The autopsy report was quite clear, her death was by natural causes. Lynne died of a seizure in her sleep. For the record, the coroner found no evidence that Lynne had been taking drugs.”

To die at 39 is shocking, and also sad to read that her marriage to Sellars basically ended her career – she was a popular Actress whose marriage to a comic legend ultimately drove her from the business.

One of my “Sex Kitten Countdown” subjects co-starred with Frederick in “Nicholas And Alexandra”:

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