Stephanie Marrian – The First-Ever “Page 3” Girl! This Model And Actress Kept It “Up For A Week” Too!

Celebrating The World’s First “Page 3 Girl!”

All year long, I’ve focused on some of the great Cult Movie Queens of cinema – as well as some of the most provocative Models who have graced many a men’s magazine.

So now it’s time to celebrate an Actress / Model who was the world’s first-ever “Page 3 Girl!

Meet Stephanie Marrian!

If you don’t know, England’s The Sun newspaper decided to put topless Model on page 3 of the daily paper – thus launching the “Page 3 Girl!” That leads us to Stephanie, who was born Stefanie Khan in 1948 in Singapore – there are a few discrepancies online about where she was born, but either way, she grew up to become a “first ever” Model!

She got her start as a “Page 3” girl – you. know, those topless Models who spiced up this British tabloid.

But Marrian was the first model ever featured in the newspaper!

It happened in the November 17, 1970 edition, where she was named as Stephanie Rahn. Marrian was using her father’s surname of Khan at the time – but an Editor at the paper misread that as Rahn.

From 1973 to 1978, using the name Stefanie Marrian, her mother’s surname, she appeared regularly as the “Page 3 Girl” – along with many other magazines.

Of course, Stephanie’s exposure led to movie roles – in that wacky genre known as the British Sex Comedy!

“Can You Keep It Up For A Week?”

This 1974 British sex farce actually tells the story of a hapless fool who must keep a job for a week! Still, it offered lots of opportunity for sexual shenanigans to ensue:

Stephanie was one of the many young women who flocked topless throughout the film – another was Hammer Horror Icon Valerie Leon!

She was a Hammer Glamour Queen and so much more! See Valerie’s whole story here:

That same year Stephanie appeared in “Confessions Of A Sex Maniac” which was also released as “The Man Who Couldn’t Get Enough!”

Ava Cadell also starred in this British sex comedy – a classic “nudge nudge wink wink” type of film as Monty Python would say:

Ava Cadell had a wild run of 70’s cinema before changing her career completely!

See her fascinating story by clicking here:

As for Stephanie, she was a regular on “The Benny Hill Show” along with many other TV shows and more bit roles in films as well – and she kept appearing in men’s magazines too:

Along with two other Page Three models, Gillian Duxbury and Mona Solomons, she was a member of a pop group called Page Three for awhile as well!

Stephanie continued to appear in men’s magazines as well…

As for TV, she was on “The Cut Price Comedy Show” for two years and then that was it – she was done!

Bravo Stephanie for a great career – I’ve focused on a number of Actress / Models who have graced the pages of The Sun newspaper, like Corinne Russell!

Corinne knew how to hit page 3, but then she disappeared!

Click here for her story:

Here’s another successful Actress / Model who appeared on page 3:

Linda Lusardi is still going strong and you can see her empowered story here:

And what about this “Page 3” Icon?

Maria Whittaker also had an illustorus career in the tabloids, and you can see her greatest hits by clicking here:

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  1. I saw some of those films, and sometimes the Benny Hill Show. But I don’t remember Stephanie. Then again, I never once bought The Sun newspaper.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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