Actress Gina Carrera’s Lengthy Adult Film Career! From Film To “VHS” – She Did Them All!

Celebrating Adult Actress Gina Carrera!

All year long, I have been looking at the careers of some of the great Cult Movie Queens of past and present.

Someone shared a movie poster that made me interested knowing more about Adult Actress Gina Carrera!

That turned out to a difficult task – there simply isn’t much online about this Acttress – she did appear in some well known adult films so let’s take a look!

She was born in 1963 in Ft. Worth Texas, and in her career used a variety of screen names, like Olivia Chase and more…

While I will be focusing on her adult film career, she actually appeared in a critically acclaimed 80’s movie about disaffected youth as well!

She got her start in this low budget film “Suburbia” as Julie Winchester, but then turned to XXX-rated fare, as next year she was in this adult classic:

“Stiff Competition” Indeed!

She was credited as Jenna Carrera, and her character’s name was “Tammy The Tongue” – the film was about a world championship oral sex competition!

Bridgette Monet starred as well – what a beauty she was!

Click here to see more of her wild career:

Gina also appeared in this critically acclaimed adult film that captured the hardcore world of the 80’s!

Here’s the plot as described by “Two guys fall asleep in front of a porn video, and dream of becoming owners of a luxury bordello.” Well OK!

Ginger Lynn starred in this film – she is an Icon:

Ginger Lynn Allen still acts today – soon to be seen in “Murdercise”and you can see all of her great career by clicking on my story here:

Oh, and look at who else starred in this one:

Yes, the named is spelled with a “Y”, but that’s Traci Lords!

Her controversial story was told in a riveting podcast – click here for the wild wild story:

As for Gina, she continued acting in a variety of adult films and also was featured in a number of adult men’s magazines as well:

These films, released throughout the mid-80’s, helped usher in the era of “at home” entertainment, as VHS made adult movie theaters obsolete…

After this string of films, Gina acted under several names for “direct to VHS” projects – literally dozens over the next decade before taking a break in the mid-90’s.

Her last film credit was in 2006 in “Little Oral Annie Back In The Saddle”

Of course, Little Oral Annie also starred in that film with Gina:

Her story is fascinating as well – click here to see why:

Bravo to Gina for a very lengthy career in adult cinema – at a time when the industry went from film to home video – just like this adult legend:

Shauna Grant was also a hugely popular adult film star in the 80’s, but sadly she had a tragic life…you can read more about it here:

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Let me know your thoughts on all of these legendary Adult Film Stars!

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  1. New to me, John, and you gave her a fitting tribute, as always. But it was great to see ‘Big Tit Superstars’ featured too. That’s right up my street! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. She had that great tanned and toned look and hairstyle of the 1980s and always looked like she was enjoying herself.

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  3. And thank you for this superb blog, John!

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