Celebrating Riley Steele! This Adult Movie Queen Hosted “Sexpo” For Me!

Celebrating Modern Adult Star Riley Steele!

As 2022 ends, I am sharing a few stories of talent I have interacted with, including Adult Movie Queen Riley Steele!

From a meeting with another Adult Movie Queen to more than 100 film and TV appearances, Riley Steele has shown how to make it in entertainment!

My “2022 Sex Kitten Countdown” has her meteoric rise in Hollywood across many genres of entertainment – and how I hired her to work for me as well!

Riley was born in 1987 in San Diego California. According to wikipedia, she worked at a Starbucks and a golf course while growing up.

According to the terrific mini-bio on IMDB.com by Adam Sings, She got her start in the adult film industry through a meeting with Adult Film Star Jesse Jane at a signing for Jane’s erotic film parody “Pirates” in 2005. Jane encouraged her to enter the business.

She ultimately made her debut for the company Digital Playground in Jesse’s sequel: “Pirates 2: Scagnetti’s Revenge” in 2008.

As you can see, the camera loved her – and she was an immediate hit with fans:

Some of you may know that I filmed with that film’s star Jesse Jane at the world’s largest adult entertainment convention, called “Sexpo.” Here’s a tease:

This clip of Jesse sitting down for an interview with Sasha Grey is all part of the convention coverage by G4 – and I took Sasha to Australia to cover all aspects of the adult lifestyle expo:

My trip with Sasha will be the last story I share for 2022, but if you want to see more of Jesse from that trip, click this story now:

I will explain Riley’s “Sexpo” connection in a moment, but first, let’s look at some of the film that she made following the “Pirates” sequel.

Here are some of her most well known:

Riley worked with Jesse Jane on a number of films

With the recent “Top Gun” sequel being a massive hit worldwide, maybe it’s a good time to see Riley in a cockpit!

Riley worked for some of the biggest companies in adult entertainment, like Wicked Pictures:

I knew the Wicked folks…in fact, I was the one who put Jenna Jameson on mainstream TV for the first time!

Jenna hosted a number of shows for me when I ran programming at E! I will be sharing that story in more detail as well, but here’s an interesting interview I captured with her:

Yes, Jenna and I flew around the world and hung out with Sylvester Stallone and more big stars – click here to see that story:

I worked with Wicked Pictures throughout this period and that’s how I ended up with Riley on my couch!

Riley Heads To “Sexpo: South Africa”!

After Sasha’s work on the Australia special, we had another convention scheduled to cover, but Sasha wasn’t available, so in 2010, I hired Riley to host G4’s “Sexpo: South Africa” special, covering one of the world’s largest “adult lifestyle” conventions.

She took to the G4 role in a unique way:

Riley did a terrific job at the convention, even heading out on a safari where she had a close encounter with a Rhino!

Here’s a short snippet with Riley promoting the special:

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Matt Sayles/AP/Shutterstock (6321345af) Riley Steele

Riley also appeared in “Piranha 3D” that same year.

Thanks Riley for the terrific job hosting our special!

Bravo to Riley for a great career – her list of credits ends a few years ago so let’s all hope she’s doing well!

The modern world of adult entertainment is ever-evolving: from films to streaming and “only fans” type of personalized pay sites, the performers in this world run a wide gamut today, like Gabbie Carter:

Gabbie has built a great career across many types of media – click here to see much more:

Here’s another empowered modern day adult star:

You can see more of Emily Addison’s carer by clicking on my profile here:

Currently, one of adult film’s most acclaimed stars got her start on an ABC sitcom!

Maitland Ward went from that ABC sitcom to XXX-rated super stardom!

See her greatest hits here:

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