Celebrating 70’s “Drive-In” Star Tara Strohmeier! Here Are Her Wildest Performances!

Celebrating A 70’s Cult Movie Queen!

For me, one of the best parts of my “Sex Kitten Countdown” series is discovering how many great drive-in movies there were in the 70’s – and an Actress who was in many of them!

Meet Tara Strohmeier – You’ll Be Glad You Did!

I couldn’t believe that Tara Strohmeier had so many great “drive-in” movies int he 70’s…a very specific type of film that usually had lots of nudity, comedy or thrills, and more nudity! Let’s take a look at her career!

She was born Tara Lorraine Strohmeier on April 12, 1955 in Alameda California.

Tara graduated from Huntington Beach High School in 1971, studied drama and philosophy at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California and got immediately into the exploitation film business!

As it turns out, I’d seen a lot of Tara’s work, but didn’t realize it until I put in one of my favorite films of all time!

“Kentucky Fried Movie!”

That’s right, the year before the Zucker brothers became Comedy Icons for making what many consider the funniest film of all time – “Airplane!” – they released this film, a series of comedy sketches – and one very memorable sketch starred Tara!

Here’s how I discovered her originally:

Yep, that’s Tara who gets carried away with her boyfriend – all while watching a TV newscast!

What makes this bit so hilarious is that, and her clothes come off and the lovemaking gets more intense, the News Anchor can see them – and he can’t concentrate on delivering the news! 

The movie is filled with hilarious bits like that, like the movie trailer for “Catholic High School Girls In Trouble!”

And yes, that’s the legendary Uschi Digard in the shower being pounded from behind!

Uschi is an Icon – here are just some of her incredible highlights!

As it turns out, Tara Strohmeier was a fixture in a ton of great 70’s films like these:

The Student Teachers!”

Check out this plot: Sexy student teachers at Valley High School give private lessons while being terrorized by a mad rapist.

Tara was also in “Candy Stripe Nurses”, one of many “nurse” films of that era – a great genre that lived up to the hype…

In fact, I wrote all about the genre when I highlighted the career of co-star Robin Mattson – she was a sexy “Candy Stripe Nurse” as well – you know, films where they always had a reason to disrobe and walk through their apartments:

Mattson had a fun 70’s cult film career as well and you can see more of it here:

Tara had a great career in cult movies – she was also in this classic 70’s gem:

“Shamelessly Loaded With Sex And Violence!”

OK, how can you top that?

“Hollywood Boulevard” is a classic drive-in film! Look at the cast and you know what: they all show up to show off!

Of course, look who’s sitting just to the right of Tara:

That’s right! The arrow points to Candice Rialson, who also had a wild cult career!

They also appeared together in “Candy Stripe Nurses” as well….see more of Candice’s story here:

Tara showed up in drive-in movie after drive-in movie, always delivering fun, upbeat and engaged performances:

She was one of the “Cover Girl Models,” another great 70’s genre that looked at the revealing lives of Models!

Tara worked with some of the great 70’s sex kittens, and here’s a great example: she was in “The Great Texas Dynamite Chase” with Claudia Jennings! 

Of course, Claudia Jennings had a great career but a tragic end:

Click here to read her story:

“Malibu Beach” is another example of the drive-in style of the time – goofy hijinks that gave everyone a chance to show off – and you knew exactly what to expect:

She appeared in “Dirty O’Neil” and “Van Nuys Blvd.” in 1979 – a beautiful smile hid what was to come for the Actress:

That same year a bit part followed in one more film and that was it – after a great run of cult films, Tara left the business!


“Thumbs Up” indeed to Tara for a great cult film career – and I hope her life away from the camera was as great as her movie career was…she reminds me of another 70’s Actress who dropped out:

Monica Tidwell was a “Yum Yum Girl” – and acted in a slew of 70’s cult films before leaving the business…but she was also a force behind the camera!

Click here to see her story:

And let’s not forget 70’s Actress Rae Sperling:

She only made two drive-in films, but they are classic!

Clcik here to see her story:

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  1. I didn’t know her from her name, but I have seen her in Kentucky Fried Movie.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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