The “Second Coming” Of Brigitte Maier! This Adult Actress Had “Sensations” And More!

Celebrating The Career Of An Adult Movie Queen From The “Golden Age Of Porn!”

The late 70’s were known as the golden age for adult film: obscenity laws were discarded, and Adult Filmmakers released some of the great XXX-rated films ever…giving Actresses like Brigitte Maier a showcase to perform!

Brigitte Maier was born in Germany in 1952. She came to the US when she was four years old.

There isn’t much biographical information online aside form the terrific website, but her professional credits began in 1974:

She was 22 years old when she appeared on the cover of Penthouse, with a stunning pictorial inside…

Her first film was an uncredited role in the 1974 film “Poor Cicily”, which starred Angela Field:

This Actress had quite the run of films in the 70’s – using more than one screen name – see her story here:

AS for Maier, she began scoring lead roles due to her fame as a Men’s Magazine Model – helped by gorgeous photos like these:

She had a nice run of films like this one and more:

Here’s another film that used her Penthouse fame to sell their film:

Here’s the plot, courtesy of

A horny girl named Eva is sent to a reform school by her repressed older sister to learn how to control her urges. The school turns out to be a front for sex school and even the girl’s prude sister ends up learning something there.

For the next few years, Brigitte appeared in films and more photo shoots as well…here’s one of her most well known films:

I ws too young to know this era, but I am fascinated with the fact that many of these films were considered serious “art” – a brief moment when the stars were considered more than just sexual performers…

Her last film credits was in 1978

“How Sweet It Is”

According to the great website, Brigitte left the adult film industry for good in the late 70’s, and died in 2010…

Brigitte was like many of the adult performers of that time: working in critically acclaimed films that incorporated graphic sex into their storytelling:

Seka was the “Platinum Princess Of Porn” and you can see why by clicking on mis tory here:

Here’s another iconic Adult Actress from that era:

Annette Haven was an Icon and almost became a mainstream star as well in “Body Double” – see her fascinating story here:

Here’s a newspaper ad I have from the late 70’s, when adult films were being advertised in mainstream media:

“Behind The Green Door” was a classic adult film that made Marilyn Chambers a star…here’s a look at her life and career:

Marilyn was truly an “Adult Film” Icon, but she wasn’t the only one to have critical acclaim in the 70’s:

Yes, Jennifer Welles had that honor as well, and it was much deserved!

You can see more inside Jennifer here:

And yes, there was another “inside” story as well!

Desiree Cousteau got her start in “Pretty Peaches” and starred in many other films as well! See her story here:

Tina Russell was also an iconic adult film star in the 70’s:

She also had a tragic story – click here to see more:

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Let me know your thoughts on Brigitte’s career!

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5 replies

  1. Always a favorite of mine. Love her, especially in Sensations. A classic!

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  2. Not sure if I have ever seen this cutie before? Nice boobs, bush, and beautiful eyes. I am definitely going to research this hottie.


  3. Brigitte was born the same year as me, hard to believe I had never heard of her.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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