“Oh James!” Here Are 007’s Sexiest “Bond Girls!” Who Is Your Favorite?

bouchet 007 sexy

007 Reasons To Appreciate A “Bond Girl!”

It sounds very “retro” and “demeaning” in today’s world to describe any female character as a “girl”, but the role of a “Bond Girl” in the 007 film series was so much more in the earlier films…these were in many cases strong, empowered female characters – and it was also a career-making opportunity for the Actress cast in the role. These roles gave Actresses a chance to showcase brains as well as beauty!

Lea Seydoux was the most recent “Bond Girl” in “No Time To Die”, but didn’t really resonate much for me – these latter roles have been woefully underwritten. In the early days of the Bond series, it was something special to be a Bond girl…and here they all are – on one great graphic:


The Important Cinematic Role Of A “Bond Girl”!

While the sexual chemistry between James Bond and his female co-stars was blatant and obvious in the series, these roles also gave the women a chance to be brash, brave and kick some ass of their own as well.

These women all share on thing in common: they all had the chance to put a strong female character into a male, action-fueled cinema franchise!


Here’s how Maxim magazine accurately described them:

“The term “Bond girl” has long been both an honor and a burden — an amalgam of old-school plaything and career-boosting star turn — but let’s face it: the 007 canon would be far less interesting without James Bond’s bevy of babes.”

The series got off to a VERY sexy start thanks to this iconic sex kitten:

007 Bond Girl Ursula Andress

Meet Ursula “Undress!”

The first-ever Bond Girl stepped out of the ocean and became one of the 60’s most famous stars…Ursula Andress in “Dr. No” became an instant “pinup queen” because of this outfit…and she was a strong, independent woman who could stand up to the world’s greatest secret agent with brains and brawn.

Her nickname was Ursula “Undress”…becasue she had a history in Europe of doing movies without many clothes…click here to see why!

Next up was one of the most exotic – Diana Bianchi in “From Russia With Love”:


She was sexy and smart – and had plenty of action in the film.

One of the most unique characters was next up: Pussy Galore from “Goldfinger”:


Honor Blackman played Pussy Galore, who first appears as a pilot aboard Goldfinger’s private jet. James Bond, unconscious after being shot with a tranquilizer gun, wakes up to see Pussy standing over him. James asks “Who are you?”, and in one of the most famous introductions of the Bond series, Pussy replies “My Name is Pussy Galore”, to which Bond retorts “I must be dreaming”.

However, Margaret Nolan has a key role in the film as well – she was the “solid gold” Bond girl from the movie!

Click here to see why:

Nolan has a unique role in Bond history, as does this Actress:

Molly Peters with the first Actress to be nude in a 007 film!

Click here for her story:

The series had a few other provocative Actresses over the years, like when Lana Wood showed off her star-making power in “Diamonds Are Forever”:

James Bond 007 Bond Girl Lana Wood

Yes, she was Natalie Wood’s sister! At the time, Lana was far less known than her sister, and the role in “Diamonds” garnered her a ton of attention, including the memorable “toss into the pool” scene. See that clip here, plus hear the story of Lana’s affair with Sean Connery!

For many of the early Bond films, the female co-star was European. Corinne Clery was one of the sexiest co-stars in the series when she appeared with Roger Moore:

Corinne-Cléry Bond Girl 007

Clery made this appearance AFTER starring in one of the most controversial films of the 70’s, “The Story Of ‘O'” – see more here:

America got into the “Bond Girl” game in 1971, when Jill St. John was the first US star to play with Bond:


Here’s great trivia: she also starred in the “Seinfeld” yada yada episode with her husband, Robert Wagner, who was previously Lana Wood’s Brother-In-Law! See her most provocative roles here:

As I said, many of the early “Bond Girls” were accomplished Actresses in Europe:

Caroline Munro Roger Moore Barbara Bach

Caroline Munro acted opposite Roger Moore, but she had so much else going on as well..see her most provocative roles here:

Standing right next to Caroline in that photo was fellow “Bond Girl” Barbara Bach – the wife of Ringo Starr!

Bach also starred in a number of other big hits as well! See more of her by clicking here:

The idea of what a “Bond Girl” was changed in the 90’s and beyond – Maria Grazia Cucinotta had a small role in a Bond film:

She seemed more like eye candy than a full-fledged, empowered member of the group…still she was in a bond film and you can find out which one by clicking on my story here:

Here’s a question for you: can you be a “Bond Girl” without even being in an official Bond film?

bouchet 007 sexy

Barbara Bouchet starred in Woody Allen’s Bond spoof “Casino Royale” in the late 60’s, and she wore that 007 dress very well!

Barbara’s “unofficial” 007 movie was just one of her wild roles at the time – see them all here:

My favorite “Bond Girl” will always be Claudine Auger, from “Thunderball”:

James Bond Claudine Auger

Auger stood up to Bond and was an integral part of the film’s plot.

Sadly, she died a few years ago, but had a terrific cult movie career – see more here:

One of the most reviled “Bond Girls” was the annoyingly obvious “Christmas Jones”:

Don’t worry, Denise Richards bounced back – see her 007 role and more by clicking here:

As for the most recent “Bond girl”, Lea Seydoux brought a depth and maturity to “No Time To Die” that ALMOST saved what was, for me, a very long slog to the end…and she also appeared last year in “The French Dispatch” as a nude model:

Always up for a role no matter how provocative!

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That’s a look at some of the more interesting women to take on this part, but of course there are many more!

More to come as I left out many Bond girls, so let me know your favorite!

Bond girl Claudine Auger

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3 replies

  1. There are so many iconic or different Bond girls that I honestly can’t say that I have just one or only one of them which I like or like a lot!! So it’s simply not possible to say that I have only one favorite out of all of them!!


  2. Lana Wood and Barbara Bach…..too yummy. chuq


  3. Margaret Nolan was one of my crushes, and Lana Wood was gorgeous. I would find it hard to choose between them.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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