Meet The “Queen Of Pink” Naomi Tani! Celebrating This Legendary And Controversial “J-Sploitation” Star!

Diving Into The Rough End Of “J-Sploitation” Cinema!

Do you know the Japanese exploitation genre known as “pinky violence”? One Actress flourished in the 70’s in the genre – as she said at the time:

“The woman’s naked body must not only be seen as a sensual object, but must also be able to express emotion; so, I did my best to keep Naomi Tani’s body as close as possible to perfect condition.”

Those words come from one of the most provocative Actresses in Japanese “pinky violence” cinema history, Naomi Tani!

Naomi Tani was one of Japan’s most popular and controversial stars in the 1970’s, when the genre of “pinky violence” took off in that country.

My “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown” has her story, and a look at this genre of film as well!

She was born Akemi Fukuda on October 20, 1948 in Fukuoka, Japan – and took the name Naomi Toni when she began acting.

As for the name: “Tani,” or “valley,” is also a Japanese slang word for the cleavage between the breasts – and yes, Naomi was a very popular nude model at that time!

Naomi got her start in Japanese films in 1967, and quickly became a favorite of the “pinky violence” genre of “J-sploitation” film!

The terrific “Grindhouse Database” website – which you should visit often – says this about the genre:

“There is no universally agreed on definition for the term, and you will get different answers depending on who you ask. However, for the lack of a better definition we can cite the title of the ultimate book on the subject; J-Taro Sugisaku and Takeshi Uechi’s ’Pinky Violence – Toei’s Bad Girl Films’. In layman’s terms this means “sexed up, bad girl action films” by the Toei studios. Generally the genre is also considered to include Teruo Ishii’s Tokugawa/Torture epics from the late 60’s, which put the genre on the world map. Pinky Violence flourished for the next 10 years and came to its end in the late 70’s.”

Naomi Was The “Queen Of Pink”!

Tani quickly established herself as hugely popular in the genre and earned the title “Queen of Pink.” Her specialty was rough S&M action, which is why most pictures of her online have a rope of some kind attached to her…for example, here is how some of these films were titled and released outside Japan:

She became famous for these films, which at the time of release were shocking – and have since been released many times on video, DVD and now blu-ray as well…and that got the attention of Playboy!

As points out, she appeared in Playboy’s December 1968 issue in their “Girls of the Orient” pictorial article – bringing her worldwide fame.

Her willingness to appear in rough “pinky” cinema like this was also used in the poster art:

And now, one of her wildest films has just been released on blu-ray, and it’s a wild supernatural horror film!

“A Haunted Turkish Bathhouse!”

Yes, you can now buy this – and I did – with a bunch of great extras!

This 1975 slice of classic “J-sploitation” is much more than a “pinky violence” film!

Here’s a snippet form the film that gives you a great idea of what to expect:

There is now a new blu-ray release which includes the original trailer, which promises one of the greatest come-ons in movie history:

“Breasts bumping! Legs entwined! Bodies in bubbles! Porno with occultism!”

And who can argue with that?

As wikipedia reports, many of Naomi’s film roles were quite controversial – check this out:

“Director Shōgorō Nishimura‘s 1978 film, Lady Black Rose, contained two notorious scenes which are often selected as examples of the Roman porno S&M genre. In one, gallons of water are forced into Tani’s mouth through a funnel while her stomach can be seen enlarging. Tani points out that scenes like these were often tricks, though no special effects were involved. “


As she said:

“I was simply good at sucking my belly into a small ball and then expanding it.”

Clearly, this cinema isn’t for everyone, and the “pinky violence” genre in general wasn’t heavily into S&M like this, but it did exist.

As report, even with a flourishing career, Naomi’s time in the spotlight was about to end.

“Tani retired suddenly and unexpectedly at the height of her popularity. She later gave her reason as, “I never wanted to disappoint my fans by showing an unflattering face. That’s why I’ve always refused to do a comeback. Nobody is free from aging. I want to exist in the audience’s memory as a forever blooming flower.”

According to the website, Tani retired from movies in 1979 and opened the Ohtani restaurant in Kumamoto.

Tani wrote in 1998:

“The woman’s naked body must not only be seen as a sensual object, but must also be able to express emotion; so, I did my best to keep Naomi Tani’s body as close as possible to perfect condition.”

In the late ’90s, Tani’s work enjoyed a renewed surge of interest, with her films being screened in the US…bravo for her!

As reported:

In preparation for this event, Tani was interviewed by the U.S. publication, Asian Cult Cinema for its April, 1998 issue. Surprised by this attention from the U.S., Tani commented “I didn’t think U.S. movie fans were interested in me or my movies. I thought Americans ignored my films because of the SM theme, since these movies give the impression of being abusive toward women. Regardless of the filmmaker’s intent – the intellectual or artistic merit – I thought Americans viewed these productions as politically incorrect.”

Indeed they were for the most part, but they are important example of a popular genre of its time…and speaking of this genre:

“Sex & Fury” starred Japanese Star Reiko Ike and the “Queen Of Artsploitation” Christina Lindberg – click here to see more about this wild film:

Reiko Ike holds a place in 70’s cinema for her grind house classics…the genre of “Jsploitation” isn’t as well known outside of Japan, but they should be…in fact, Japanese tabloids at that time tried to create a feud between Ike and her co-star Miki Sugimoto:

She became a big star in her won films as well – see them all here:

Here’s a modern J-Sploitation star, who has built a great career in the genre:

Adult Actress Aino Kishi was a “Samurai Princess!” See her most revealing hits here:

If you are looking for some wild modern day films from Asia, try this one!

“Gun Woman” is a great film, and here is a look at some of the best of the current bunch:

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  1. I have seen so many Japanese films, but have yet to watch any of their sex films. I am aware that they have a huge sex film industry though.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • Pete, these are too rough for me…not interested in the bondage material at all, but it was a hugely successful genre of film and interesting to see that some of the seminal films of hers are being rediscovered…thanks as always for commenting!


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