Cult Actress Valerie Rae Clark! Her Wild Career – And Notorious “Caligula” Connection!

Actress Valerie Rae Clark’s Notorious “Caligula” Connection!

It was one of the most notorious films of all time, and there were a number of Actresses who had a provocative connection to it!

Thanks to FB friend and insightful cult film lover Joe for suggesting I look at Valerie Rae Clark’s connection to it!

Valerie Rae Clark was born on July 22, 1955 in California.  There isn’t much online about her, but she ended up in entertainment – apparently getting her start as an exotic dancer.

Clark’s first credit came in 1976 when she was a singing contestant on “The Gong Show”. says she worked as a dancer as well at an LA nightclub called “The Other Ball.”

It was an appearance in a men’s magazine, however, that put her in the spotlight.

Valerie appeared on the cover of Penthouse in May of 1977 and was named “Pet Of The Month” as well.

Along with these explicit photos, Valerie ended up with small roles in a number of 70’s “drive-in” movies as well:

Talk about a credit! Valerie had the role of “Miss Downhill Invitational” in the comedy “Skateboard.”

She played an ill-fated massage parlor worker in “Bare Knuckles.”

Perhaps hermits well known film was this Roger Corman classic:

She played a nude dancer in the film.

Did you see who else was in this terrific drive-in movie?

Claudia Jennings had a great career and a tragic end – see more of her movie credits here:

Valerie’s Explicit Career Turn?

According to’s bio, Valerie appeared in several hardcore scenes, and she is listed on this compilation for John Holmes…

Valerie’s Provocative “Caligula” Appearance!

If you go online, you will see some extremely graphic photos from the film “Caligula” that reference Valerie.

According to, Clark was prominently featured as an imperial brothel worker in the orgy sequence in the film. It is graphic and hardcore, with a number of Penthouse Pets taking full part in the hardcore activity shown.

According to, Valerie was paid $300 per day on the film!

This orgy was filmed without any of the main Actors in the film present – in fact, Helen Mirren and Malcolm McDowell were apparently unaware that hard core material was being filmed separately to include in the finished film!

As for Clark, she quit the business soon after.

Her appearance in “Caligula” is just part of that film’s notoriety:

Anneka Di Lorenzo took part in a wild lesbian scene for the film as well…see her story by clicking here:

Another “Caligula” star, Lori Wagner, gave an interview about her role in the notorious film that appeared on the special edition DVD!

Here’s more of Lori’s wild story as well!

I also profiled another of the Penthouse Pets who were not only used in the filming of the movie, but who were featured in the extra material added later:

Susanne Saxon was in “Caligula” and she did so much more as well – you can see her story by clicking here:

And “Caligula” Director Tinto Brass worked with many provocative Actresses:

Teresa Ann Savoy was a “Salon Kitty” and has a “Caligula” credit as well!

Click here for her story!

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Thanks again to Joe for suggesting Valerie’s fascinating story!

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  1. I have the ‘full, uncut’ special edition of Caligula, and I love that over the top film! 🙂
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  2. What a cutie – I need to look into Deathsport.

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