Celebrating The “Tasty” Career of Rocki Roads! My “Sex Kitten Countdown” Has Her “Boobwatch” Highlights!

Celebrating The “Silky Smooth” Career Of Rocki Roads!

As part of my “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown”, I will be highlighting the careers of some of the most famous “Adult” film stars, like Rocki Roads!

I call her silky smooth, because she slid right into a line of work that she excelled at, and gained fans around the world.

This dark-haired beauty was born December 22, 1973 in New Haven, Connecticut.

Her biographical information calls her “Rocky”, but she did all of her on-camera work as “Rocki”, which is how I will refer to her going forward…either way, it was a career full of popular adult films and videos!

After a normal childhood, Rocki says she was working in a hamburger joint one day when she decided she had had enough of that drudgery.

According to her biography on IMDB:

“She walked out the front door of the burger joint and into the front door of a strip club nearby, where she initially got a job waitressing.” 

She made the decision to move to Canada and get into a full-time career as an exotic dancer, and it wasn’t long before her success in that field resulted in the offer to work in film.

In 1996, she appeared in the aptly named “Philmore Butts Travels the Rocki Roads of South Florida!”

It seems with that name, travel-related adult adventures were a natural fit, and with her incredible physique, it was also only natural that she’d appear in a “Baywatch” parody as well:


Rocki had the perfect look for filling out the Pam Anderson role, and swimsuit:

“Malibu Rocki: Boobwatch 2” 

A sequel followed in 1997, and that same year, Rocki was chosen as Penthouse Pet of the month, in September 1997.

the camera loved her, clearly…

In 1998, she starred in “Virtual Sex with Rocki Roads”.

She ultimately had a dozen more credits in the direct-to-video world of adult content.

Rocki was also a pioneer in the new adult DVD and virtual reality technologies, starting her own company.

She kept releasing new material in a variety of formats, gaining a lot of press attention for her savvy.

Bravo to Rocki Roads for her successful career as an Adult Film Star and Business Entrepreneur.

Roads follows a long line of successful Adult Stars, like Lisa De Leeuw:

This fiery Redhead had quite the career, and you can see it all by clicking on my story here:

Kandi Barbour was a very successful star of adult films in the 80’s:

Sadly, she had a tragic end to her life…click here to see her story:

This Actress not only starred in one of the most acclaimed adult films of the 70’s, but she was briefly married to the legendary Character Actor Joe Spinell as well:

Read the fascinating story of Jean Jennings by clicking here:

Here’s another iconic star of the 70’s “golden age” of adult film:

Georgina Spelvin is an Icon, and her work from that “golden age of adult film” is timeless…cleick here to see all of her greatest films:

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7 replies

  1. John, you keep coming up with sexy women that i haven’t thought about in years and Rocki is another fine example of that. Again, i am ashamed of myself for having forgotten them. Rocki was mainstay of Score magazine for a long time and was an absolute big boob queen. What beautiful eyes with the ultimate female form. Another all time great beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I was fortunate enough to meet her when she was on the dance circuit after winning POTM. She was nice to speak with.

    Side note, I have not come across anything on Chessie Moore or Trinity Loren, I will read anything on both of them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We really appreciate the work you do here john. Have you done Vanessa DelRio yet?


  4. I had never heard of Rocki, John. I think her breasts look artifical though. Natural ones are much sexier.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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