Cult Actress Robyn Hilton Was “Blazing!” Her Best Roles And Biggest Hits Are Here!

Celebrating 70’s Sex Kitten Robyn Hilton!

There are times when I come across an Actress who seems familiar, but I can’t quite place them.

Well, thanks to my extensive home video collection, a mystery was solved!

My latest “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown” has an Actress who made an impact based on a couple of moments in a classic Mel Brooks comedy!

Actress Robyn Hilton had that memorable moment in “Blazing Saddles” but she also appeared in a number of other films and TV shows in the 70’s as well…let’s take a closer look at her career!

Robyn Hilton was born Robyn J. Molyneux on July 13, 1944 in Twin Falls, Idaho. Not much is listed about her life, except when she began working in film.

She got her first screen role in the cult comedy “Cry Uncle!” in 1971. This film was directed by John. G. Avildsen, who went on to direct the 1976 Best Picture winner “Rocky!”

Is this a picture of Robyn? She had a role as a “topless Cowgirl”, so who knows?

Many more raucous classics were to come!

It was the following year when she caught the attention of cult movie lovers when she had the uncredited role of a Secretary in the terrific gem “Bonnie’s Kids!”

This one stared Tiffany Bolling, who also had a great career in the 70’s:

It turns out there was only one film she regretted making – click here to see it!

As for Robyn, she was also in the 1973 cult film “The Single Girls!”

“Half Clad – All Bad!”

I love the ad campaigns designed to get you in the door – or get you to the drive-in, where many of these films prospered in the 70’s!

Claudia Jennings starred in this one, the story of a group of swingers at a Caribbean resort are stalked by a mysterious killer.

You can see more of Claudia’s great career here:

Robyn next had small roles in the films “Mean Mother” and “Wonder Women” before catching my attention in the classic Mel Brooks comedy “Blazing Saddles!”

She offered up ample cleavage as Mel’s Secretary – she was appearing in a lot of films at the time, even in small roles like this.

Of course, the internet has pictures that may or may not be the Actress. Here’s a photo purporting to be her – UPDATE!

Moe sent me a note to correct me – this is the Actress / Model “Cherry Bomb!”

Regardless, Robyn was showing up in a number of cult films of that era. She next played “Linda Loveman” in “The Last Porno Flick” in 1974.

I think I’ve seen variations of this plot before: two men raise money from their family and friends by claiming that they’re making a religious film – but it’s really a porno!

Um…how can a film like that be rated “PG?”

Robyn also appeared in “Video Vixens” – and boy, did she!

This is referenced online as her most revealing role – well, until she showed up in an 80’s action gem!

She next appeared in “Doc Savage Man Of Bronze” and a slew of TV shows before taking time off to raise a family….and her final screen credit was “Malibu Express” in 1985!

“Malibu Express” was one of a slew of erotic action films directed by Andy Sidaris – here’s the trailer:

The plot was just enough to hang a number of nude scenes and gun battles on: A womanizing private detective is assigned the task of investigating who is behind the hi-tech computer technology leaks to the Russians.

Sybil Danning starred in the film – what a career she had!

She was one of the all-time great Cult Movie Queens – you can much more of her by clicking on my story here:

Back to Robyn: one of the frustrating aspects of the internet is that many pictures are mis-labelled, so it’s difficult to know for sure if these are photos of Robyn in what would have been a nude photo shoot…if this isn’t her, I’m interested in finding out who it is, so if you know, leave a message!

Robyn was popular enough at the time to appear on “The Tonight Show” – and had a funny answer to Johnny Carson’s question about why she didn’t drink or smoke.

According to the bio at, when she was asked about it by Carson on “The Tonight Show”, she replied:

“I do other things”.


The last update on IMDB says that she is divorced and living in Sonoma, California.

Bravo to Hilton on a great cult film career…her appearance on “The Tonight Show” reminded me of this story:

Actress Carol Wayne was a regular on the show for years, before her life took a tragic turn…this is still the most viewed story I have ever posted:

I also shared this story of a popular Model who had a mysterious story:

Marilyn Davis had a wild story as well and you can see it here:

Some just disappear like Marilyn – with no information about where they are – that’s the story of this young sex kitten:

Avril Lund was a stunning Penthouse Model who suddenly disappeared – click here to see her mysterious tale – with an update from a reader as well:

There is one “big bust” Superstar who had an incredible career – and became an Icon:

Uschi Digard is legendary – and deservedly so! She is still active on social media as well.

Click here for some of her biggest hits!

Another famous full figured Model was Marilyn Lange:

She not only was a great Model, but was almost a professional soccer star as well – click here to find out how!

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  1. Robyn is a loveable legend and was one of the most beautiful and sexiest supporting actresses of all time. Loved watching her in Blazing Saddles and Malibu Express! Lucky Mel Brooks and Andy Sidaris!

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  2. Thanks for this little bit of cinema history. That was always one of my favorite scenes from “Blazing Saddles”. I’ll be sure to check out some of her other films. \m/

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  3. The redhead purported to be Robyn is a model known as Cheri Bomb. Check it out here:

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  4. I only know her from Blazing Saddles, but it is always great to see Uschi Digard again! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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