Celebrating Debbie’s “Dallas”Co-Star Georgette Sanders! What Was Behind Her Disappearance?

Meet “All-American Girl” Georgette Sanders!

Remember this girl from high school? The one who was so sweet – but there was always something more going on “behind the eyes”…in this case, it was being a part of one of the most successful adult films of all time!

Celebrating Georgette Sanders! Why Did She Disappear?

Georgette Sanders wasn’t in high school in that photo – she just played a high school student…and she also appeared in some of the most popular XXX-rated films from from the “golden age of porn”!

My “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown” has her story…

Adult Actress Georgette Sanders appeared in a number of well known adult film.

So what happened? She made a big splash in XXX-rated cinema, but just as quickly, she was gone – disappearing into a “post porn” world and leaving no trail behind…what happened to Georgette?

She had a young, innocent look and starred in one of adult cinema’s most revered titles – so let’s dive into some of her work!

Georgette got her start in the 1976 adult film “White Fire” and was also “Susan” in the 1977 adult film “Dirty Susan” – sounds great, right? The lead character! But guess what? She was uncredited!

Welcome to the world of 70’s adult film! It was a time when a group of acting talent appeared in many films in roles large, small and sometimes just sex!

It’s difficult to track down many of the talent from that era, since many used different names throughout their careers, or just dropped in briefly – but while she was there, Georgette was making a splash!

I have never seen a Georgette Sanders film, and didn’t know who she was. But this blog has a way of teaching me, doesn’t it?

You see, I got this request from a reader of the blog, who told me that Sanders was in “Debbie Does Dallas!” Remember the first photo?

Yes, that’s Georgette in the locker room for this XXX-rated pop culture phenomenon:

The plot was straightforward: a team of cheerleaders will do anything to earn enough money to send Debbie to Dallas, to try out for the famous “Texas Cowgirls” cheerleading squad!

For Georgette, that meant doing various players on the team. The film was notorious at the time of release, specifically since the Dallas Cowboys didn’t appreciate the homage!

The film was hugely successful, and made Bambi Woods a superstar overnight:

Bambi made a sequel, and a number of personal appearances, but disappeared soon after – why?

Click here to see her story:

That same year, Georgette was in “Bad Penny” with the legendary Samantha Fox.

One of her most popular films was “Babylon Pink” in 1979:

Samantha Fox was in that one as well – you can see more of her best films by clicking on my story here:

Georgette’s last film was “Sweet Surrender” in 1980 – again with Fox – and then her trail goes cold!

4 years in the adult film world, and then she disappears!

Here’s one of the articles in adult film magazines that shared some of Georgette’s story – although they call her Georgina – sadly, there is nothing online to suggest what happened to her…no doubt most stars of that era just drifted away from the business and into a normal life…some end up doing the convention circuit, meeting fans and talking about their life in adult film – like this one:

Christy Canyon is still very active in the public eye, and you can see what she’s up to by clicking on my story here:

Here’s another adult film star who was popular during the “golden age”:

Jennifer Jordan appeared with a lot of the biggest stars of the 70’s – check out here story here:

There are some who make a huge impact in a single film, but don’t continue in the business for long, like the former “Mrs. Joe Spinell”:

Jean Jennings was married briefly to the legendary character Actor, and also made hardcore films – check her out here:

Some have lucrative careers in strip clubs as featured dancers….but some just drop off the face of the earth.

Check out the story of Rikki O’Neal – one hot year then gone!

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  1. I do remember watching Debbie Does Dallas on VHS. But I have no memory of Georgette, sadly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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