Celebrating Actress Christine Smith And Her Cameron Diaz “Squeeze”!

Celebrating Actress / Model Christine Smith!

All year long, I will be sharing my “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown” profiles of Actresses across many decades – and many different roles!

Some will have a long list of credits, while a few do not, but for a few, the roles they do have are instantly iconic – and that’s the case with Smith!

Christine Smith was born on April 6, 1979 in San Dimas, California.  As with many young women, she had her first exposure in the spotlight thanks to an iconic men’s magazine.

According to the great website IMDV.com, Christine was discovered by Playboy magazine when, according to them, she just happened to accompany a friend to a casting audition!

It doesn’t say what happened to the friend, but for Smith, she ended up being the Playmate of the Month in December 2005 – and as these photos show, it was well deserved.

IMDB.com notes that Christine began to work steadily in TV shows like these: House Bunny, Bones, Last Comic Standing, CSI Miami, Celebrity Apprentice, Mad TV, Just Go With It, Walk Hard, and Girls Next Door among others…

But it was one film that cemented her in the minds of comedy fans forever!

“Bad Teacher!”

This raucous 2011 film is the story of “bad teacher” Cameron Diaz, who is obsessed with getting breast implants, so her Doctor, played by David Paymer, gives her a chance to “sample” some breasts and compare her options!

That leads to this hilarious moment when Diaz “test drives” Christine’s breasts!

Cameron’s Loving “Squeeze!”

This is a hilarious moment to be sure, and bravo to Diaz for doing the scene, as many stars become afraid to appear in more risqué films after they become too successful..that has never seemed to be an issue with her and bravo to her for it!

She even did a couple of nude scenes for her 2014 comedy “Sex Tape” – and you know what? I produced her first ever TV interview in 1994 at the Cannes Film Festival!

She was there in her film debut with Jim Carrey for “The Mask” and we got some really funny stuff with him as well…here it is:

Bravo to Christine for doing such a goofy part, and for building a solid career based on her exposure in Playboy!

Christine’s story reminds me of several other Actress / Models who had memorable moments in cult films over the decades, like this one:

Michelle Drake was a Playmate, but she also had a hilarious film role as well:

She played the Cheerleader who forgot one important wardrobe item at the school mixer!

Click here to see it all!

And what about this Actress, who only had one role but it was a very wet one!

Monika Verbutaite appeared tin one sci-fi film with a very long shower scene – see more of it by clicking on my story here:

And perhaps my favorite “one and done” role involved a very naked Actress and a very “Sinful Dwarf”:

Anne Sparrow was an innocent young wife who made the very bad mistake of moving in to a Dwarf’s boarding house!

THIS is the film I tell people to watch if they just want to see how sleazy 70’s “euro-sleaze” actually was!

Click here for much much more!

And since we had been talking about raucous comedies, what about this scene?

In the terrific cult comedy “Used Cars”, Actress Cheryl Rixon had a wardrobe malfunction live on TV:

Cheryl actually had a terrific career, but this is the moment we will always remember…see how it happened here:

Some Actresses appeared in a single film before leaving show business, and in this case, it happened to be one of the most notorious “Nun-sploitation” films ever!

Katell Laennec made just one film but what a film!

Click here for much more on this wild slice of “euro-sleaze!”

I have also profiled Actresses who appeared in notorious movies and then vanished forever!

This is a fascinating story – was Anne Knecht really hired because Actor Klaus Kinks fired the Actress in the role and she happened to be on set with her boyfriend that day?

Click here for the story:

And what about Actress Lisa Allison – don’t know her?

Lisa had a single film credit but what a credit it was!

Click here for the story of her “Love Circles”:

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Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve seen Christin Smith in “Bad Teacher!”

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  1. A hypnotically beautiful woman…In my next life, I’d like to come back as Cameron Diaz’s hands…

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  2. A beautiful lady who makes any man’s blood pressure go thru the roof with admiration.


  3. Bad Teacher is a good film, and I do remember that scene. Thanks, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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