Sexy “Chess” Anyone? Playing With “Nudie Cutie” Diane Webber! A Celebration Of A Famous “Nudist!”

Chess Anyone?”

What an offer – and at the time, a potential jailable one!

In today’s social media world, nudity obviously is a click away…but there was a time when posing nude – and living a “nudist” lifestyle – was illegal!

First and foremost, thanks to my FB friend James for sharing the chess photo – he knew it would make me want to know more about Nude Model Diane Webber – and I’m glad I did!

Diane Webber was born Marguerite Diane Empey in July 1932 – but when she married Joe Webber in 1955 she took his last name and her middle name!

Diane was destined for stardom – she was discovered by the same Photographer who discovered the Marilyn Monroe – and we all now how that turned out!

This iconic photo of Marilyn is very demure by today’s standards – but remember that in the mid-50’s, nudity was illegal in many states, and “men’s magazines” were sold “under the counter”.

Webber was also featured in Playboy – she was the Playmate of the Month in the May 1955 and February 1956 issues of “Playboy” – the last one with photos shot by Film Director Russ Meyer!

This last photo is from a different photo shoot of Diane, because the first ever pubic hair shown in Playboy was with Playmate Marilyn Cole, years later.

Here is the story of this groundbreaking Playmate!

As for Diane, she achieved notoriety for her “full frontal” photos that celebrated the “nudist” lifestyle!

Diane’s Most Revealing Work!

It was in the “nudist magazines” of the day where Diane’s most revealing work was shown – the photos skirting many obscenity laws by virtue of being “educational” in nature:

Diane became a hugely popular “pin-up girl”Pin Up” Model – reports that she appeared in such men’s magazines as “Frolic,” “Escapade,” “Adam,” “Beau,” “Jem,” “Tiger,” “Modern Sunbathing,” “Mermaid,” “Monsieur,” “Fling,” “American Nudist,” “Rogue,” “Nugget,” and more – again ,many of which were sold “under the counter” and out of view.

 Diane became an Actress – thanks to this slice of very early sexploitation:

This 1962 film was one of several she made that showcased her “nudist” lifestyle…

Diane’s Obscenity Problem!

Diane and her husband embraced the nudist phenomenon of the time – and her profiled in a book at the lifestyle!

“The Wonderful Webbers”, written by June Lange, documented the Webber’s nudist life style. But that led to legal problems: as describes it, in 1975 Diane was found guilty in a “postal obscenity” case, which sounds like she was prosecuted for mailing obscene material across state lines – but the verdict was later overturned!

She continued to release material related to her “nudist” lifestyle like this:

As you can see, she received lots of coverage of her life – and incredible photos as well.

She posed for some stunning photos, very artistic:

Her last role in movies by the way was a very strange one indeed: she was a belly dance instructor in the 1974 film “The Trial Of Billy Jack!”

She was one of the early “Nudie Cuties” – a real trailblazer.

Sadly, Diane died in 2008 in Los Angeles from complications following surgery for cancer – she was 76 years old.

Diane was an Icon, just like this “Nudie Cutie”:

Pamela Green was “as nature intended” and you can click here to see why:

Green was a stunningly beautiful trailblazer….I’ve covered other Icons of this early era as well:

June Wilkinson looked a lot like Pamela – and at one point was the “most photographed nude in America!”

Click here for her story:

Another early “Nudie Cutie” had a Russ Meyer connection!

Eve Meyer was married at one point to the famous Director – see her wild story here:

Here’s another early trailblazer of “nudie cutie” fame:

See all of Shawn’s biggest hits by clicking here:

And Dawn Knudsen may not be as well known, but she also was a “big busted” success:

She was huge in the world of men’s magazines – click here to see more:

Finally, here’s an Exotic Dancer with a great name and a wild wild life!

“Candy Barr” had an incredible life story – click here to read all about it:

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  1. Absolutely one of the all time great beauties!


  2. Diane was truly ‘Retro-licious’! What fantastic nipples! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Sorry but Marilyn Cole was not the first to show pubic hair in Playboy. Predating her by at least 2 years was Liv Lindeland:

    and there were other instances prior to that



  1. Celebrating “Psycho” Body Double Marli Renfro! This Nudist Model Was In The Shower Where It Happened! – JR-Sploitation!

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