Celebrating “Psycho” Body Double Marli Renfro! This Nudist Model Was In The Shower Where It Happened!

Celebrating A Legendary “Nudie Cutie” Who Was A “Psycho!”

First of all, thanks once again to FB friend Joe for a GREAT suggestion!

My “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown” is honoring Cult Movie Queens across all genres and decades – and here is the story of an empowered woman who was a trailblazer!

Marlie Renfro is perhaps best known for what she really isn’t even known for!

You see, she was the nude “body double” in Alfred Hitchcock’s shocking “Psycho!”

She was also a trailblazer in the early days of “nudie cuties” and “nudist lifestyle” pictorials…let’s take a look!

Marli was born in 1938 in Los Angeles.

She ended up in the pages of some of the “under the counter” men’s magazines sold in the late 50’s and early 60’s…

Among the adult publications her photos were featured in are “Ace,” “Beau,” “Adam,” “Follies,” “Gala,” “Modern Man,” and “Escapade.”

Marli was featured on the cover of the September 1960 issue of “Playboy.”

Marli was also a much sought after “nudie cutie” who appeared in a multitude of “nudist lifestyle” magazines – which skirted local obscenity laws by claiming to be “alternative lifestyle” reports…

This was an era when pubic hair wasn’t shown in most men’s magazines, and some of these magazines were prosecuted for obscenity….now, about Marli’s “Psycho” appearance!

For those who know this classic film, Actress Janet Leigh is murdered by a knife-wielding maniac while taking a shower in the Bates Motel…it was considered the most shocking scene ever shown in a movie up to that time…

As you can see by these collection of stills, you never actually see her begin stabbed..instead a shocking montage hints at what is happened…and it was Marli!

The 23-year-old Renfro was paid $400 a week to be the uncredited body double for Janet Leigh in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic shocker “Psycho!”

Marli’s “Psycho” Controversy!

Or was she?

It turns out, Janet Leigh herself weighed in on the matter.

More from IMDB.com:

“The film’s star Janet Leigh claimed in numerous interviews that she did the bulk of the shower scene herself and that the only time Marli was used was when Marion’s corpse is wrapped up in plastic by Anthony Perkins.”

Well, that’s not what anyone else said – but Marli was indeed the wrapped up body he hauls out after the murder.

Also this: the shower scene features more than 50 camera cuts in three minutes and took six days to film. Although nudity is implied in the rapid cuts, none is seen. Hitchcock and Leigh initially maintained that only Leigh appeared in the shower.

Only later did Hitchcock acknowledge that when Leigh’s face is seen it is her, otherwise it is Renfro

Marli’s Francis Ford Coppola Film!

And what about Marli Renfro’s other film role?

She appeared nude – along with many other Actresses, in a very early Francis Ford Coppola film!

“Tonight For Sure!”

Wow, what an obscurity!

She was a trailblazing “Nudie Cutie” – and look what I found?

That’s Diane Webber with Marli in one of the “nudist camp” pictorials they were both so famous for!

Webber was also a “Nudie Cutie” and you can see her story here:

the latest updates have Marli living in the Mojave desert…bravo to her for her groundbreaking career!

I shared another story recently about a famous “body double”:

This was supposed to have been Actress Angie Dickinson in the shower in the shocker “Dressed To Kill” – but it was Victoria Lynn Johnson!

She was a famous “body double” and so much more!

Here is her story:

And here’s an Actress who performed her own nude scene – perhaps in one of the greatest opening scenes in a horror film ever!

Sandy Johnson was Michael Myers’ first victim – his nude older sister!

See much more of her story here:

Many legendary Playmates like Johnson had terrific careers – let’s not forget Jeane Manson:

She was Miss August 1974, and went on to act AND became a very successful singer as well!

Click here to see more of her work!

And do you remember this terrific 80’s Actress?

Angela “Boom Boom” Aames had a great career as well – until a tragic death.

You can click here to see her shocking story:

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Bravo to Marli for such an iconic career!

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  1. Not sure if i have ever seen Marli on screen or in print. But a very sexy looking lady indeed.

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  2. I often notice that the ‘body double’ women have much more attractive bodies than the stars they stand in for. That seems to be the case with Marli too.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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