Celebrating Candice Rialson’s “Candy Stripe Nurses”! Here Are Exploitation Cinema’s Greatest “Naked Nurse” Movies!

Time To Celebrate Nurses, Nurses, Nurses!

In a time when we are all still “sheltering at home”, I wanted to share some films that appreciate the work of Nurses…they are on the front lines saving lives!

Of course in the 70’s, Nurses were celebrated this way, thanks to Cult Movie Queens like Candice Railson!

Candy Stripe Nurses! – “They’ll Give You Fast-Fast-Fast Relief!”

Hard to argue with that! You get the idea: young “student nurses” get involved in all sorts of hijinks, and if you are Candice Rialson, that means mostly naked!

The movies may have seemed very similar, but who cares? Here is the trailer – listen to the hilarious language that opens it:

Cult Movie Queen Candice Rialson is terrific in the film and she had a great cult movie career as well,

reaching a climax with the wild X-rated comedy called “Chatterbox!”

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is – and you can see the trailer and more of Rialson’s revealing career by clicking on this story:

Actress Robin Mattson was also in the film and she had a great cult movie career – see some of her best roles here:

As it turns out, the 70’s was a decade for lots of ‘naked nurse” movies!

use sex film Student nurses

The Student Nurses – “They’re Learning Fast!”

Yes, another of the entertaining sexploitation movies of the 70’s that focused on “student nurses”…whether they were in school “learning fast”, or just hanging out nude at a beach:

For some nurses, it was all about doing a little extra “private duty”…

Private Duty Nurses – “It’s What They Do OFF Duty That’s Really Private!”

As you can see, these movies promised lots of sex – these movie posters are hilariously obvious – but they worked!

The films told the story of young Nurses who got caught up in all sorts of naked shenanigans while learning to help others!

This next “naked nurse” film has a movie poster with multiple taglines – all more suggestive than the one before!

The Young Nurses – “It’s My Body, Doctor – NOT Your Laboratory!”

These posters are so obvious they are hilarious! I mean, how could you not get the innuendo of this:

“In this hospital the patients come first!”

Check out this classic trailer:

No matter how many sick patients there were, there was always time for a naked run on the beach!

Jeane Manson was uninhibited at the beach – and what a great cult movie career she had as well!

See more of her here:

There was quite a “run” of these films in the 70’s…

Of course, you can only be in nursing school, or in a hospital for so long, so what do you do? Add violence!

I love this movie, which includes a nurse with a machine gun!

Nurses For Sale – “Kidnapped, Abused & Tormented – Held For The Highest Price!”

As you can imagine, this Nurse was in the fight of her life…mostly, these films highlighted their willingness to work “overtime”:

Night Call Nurses!

As you can see, they were always on call! This 1972 film was exactly like the others, but clearly it was a profitable genre to milk for all it was worth!

Check out the trailer:

Sex Kitten Donna Desmond was a “naughty nurse” as well as a naughty stewardess – another very profitable genre for the time:

So why did she disappear?

Here’s a look at her career:

Here’s one more “naked nurse” film from that era:

Of course, always time to get naked at the beach as well!

While the genre died down in the 80’s, there have been a few attempts to revive it, like this recent nurse horror film that was released – in 3D!

You can find this on demand and on home video – check out “Nurse 3D!”

Of course, always time for a shower!

I also found some compilations that are available – all focused on “naked nurses”:

Look at all of those example of naked nurses…I’ve covered many of them:

The 70’s “drive-in” movie era was a goldmine for Producers who could churn out exploitation fare like this – and another genre as well:


“Flaming Hillbilly Color!”

As you can see, smart movie producers pandered to everyone!

One iconic Actress was part of the “hicksploitation” genre:

Rene Bond was part of this genre! ead all about love in “flaming hillbilly color” by clicking here:

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Let me know what you think of this nurse phenomenon!

Student nurses

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6 replies

  1. Characters portrayed as nurses in sex films causes uproar here these days, with real nurses protesting outside cinemas. These films featured will soon be ‘the good old days’, I suspect.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I would intentionally make myself sick so i could spend time in the hospital if the nurses there were this sexy!! Candace and the rest of these exploitation babes listed in this article are absolute legends!!


  3. Wish my hospital stays would have been like these! Really fine specimens!

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