Cult Actress Nicolle Riddell Was A “Fugitive Girl” And Had A “Beach Blanket Bango” Too!

Celebrating A Great Cult Movie Actress!

I started my “Sex Kitten Countdown” in 2020 to highlight Actresses who broke out in a very specific way: exploitation cinema, men’s magazines or both – and sometimes I come across someone who has great cult film credits – but virtually no information about who they are!

I scoured the internet but only found movie credits – eleven to be exact – and several of them are very well known sexploitation films of the 70’s!

Nicolle had a wild run of cult cinema in a few short years…here are some of her most provocative films:

“Fugitive Girls” AKA “Five Loose Women!”

Her career got off to a wild start with this film, which was released with two different titles!

Five inmates break out of a remote minimum security prison for women. Four are hardened convicts, the fifth was wrongfully convicted.

Check out this vintage trailer!

All sorts of shenanigans ensue, most without clothing!

The film is a great slice of exploitation cinema – and what a cast!

Rene Bond also starred in the film – she was a staple of soft and hardcore films of that era!

You can see more of her wild story and film credits by clicking on my link here:

Nicolle co-starred with Rene again, in this hardcore homage to high school, a clear knockoff of “American Graffiti”:

“High School Fantasies”

This XXX-rated 1974 film took the cast back to high school – but a much more sexed-up school that most of us ever attended!

Next, Riddell appeared in one of the strangest sex comedies of that era!

“The Dicktator!”

Yes, another film with Rene Bond!

Check out this plot: when a male birth-control pill accidentally sterilizes the male population, the birth rate drops to zero and the President of the U.S. orders the CIA to scour the globe for potent males!

This is a classic “drive-in” film, as well as a “grindhouse” favorite as well!

Angela Carnon also appears in the film – she was also in the sexploitation classic “Booby Trap!”

She had quite a cult film career as well and you can see it all here:

As you can see, these films used a lot of the same Actresses, so there was plenty of work to go around:

The following year Nicolle appeared in – wait for it:

“Beach Blanket Bango!”

No, that’s not a typo!

This time, she starred along with Rene Bond is a take off of the beach blanket bingo films of the 60’s!

I actually found a vintage trailer check this out!

It appears to be a XXX-rated film, but the only still I could find were poor – still, a curiosity!

This next film is dreadful – I know because I own it!

“Blazing Stewardesses” was an Al Adamson film, and there is nothing to recommend here.

Nicolle still had another cult film classic to come:

“Ilsa: She Wolf Of The SS” in 1975 was the beginning of a shocking run of “nazi-sploitation” films!

I wrote about this series, and star Dyanne Thorne:

They are certainly an acquired taste, but Thorne was fascinating to watch – sadly she died a few years ago, but you can see more about her career here:

Nicole’s last movie credit was this:

That was it for Nicolle – she disappeared! As with many others from that era, they simply drop out of sight – and there is nothing online to help find out what happened to them.

By the way, Uschi Digard was also in that “Ilsa” slice of “nazi-sploitation”:

What a career she had!

See all of her and more here:

Nicolle’s disappearance reminds me of another great cult film Actress of that era:

Peggy Church had a wild film career – then she disappeared as well!

See her story here:

Cult Actress Sandy Dempsey also appeared in some wild cult films of that era!

Dempsey had a great cult film career, but she also disappeared from the spotlight – see her greatest hits here:

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Let me know if you’ve seen any of Nicolle’s work!

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3 replies

  1. Nicole is another fine example of beauty, boobs, and bushes from the great exploitation movie era. John, you’ve done it again!! Thanks for the great memories.


  2. The only one of those I have seen is ‘She Wolf of the SS’. Sad to say I don’t recall Nicole at all. A great tribute as always, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Pete…I have been getting a lot of requests, and my daily views have gone up 100+% over the last year, driven by some great cult film pages of FB…very engaged people there staring lots of interesting film stuff from across many decades of cinema

      Liked by 1 person

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