The “Queen Of Softcore Cinema” Marsha Jordan “In Throbbing Color”! She Was “The Erotic Housewife” Too!

Celebrating The “Queen Of Software Cinema!”

My “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown” heads back to the early years of exploitation cinema, at a time when censorship rules were being relaxed, opening the floodgates to nudity and sexual situations in your local movie theater!

Marsha Jordan was the reigning queen of softcore cinema in the 1960s. She was born Carolyn Marcel Jordan in the small Southern town of Gadsden, Alabama. She was the granddaughter of a minister and grew up in a Catholic convent. 

But that didn’t keep her from appearing nude in dozens and dozen of sexploitation films in the 60’s and 70’s!

Jordan had more than 50 acting credits across film and TV in her career, but let’s focus on some of her juiciest cult gems:

She was savagely whipped at least 40 times in the harsh adult Western “Nude Django” in 1968.

Next up was an Italian version of “Lady Godiva”: she played the titular characters in “Lady Godiva Rides”, also released in 1968.

In fact, Marsha was very busy that year!

Three more film roles followed in 1968 alone – first, check out this provocative poster:

“The Muthers!”

What a plot!

While their husbands are at work, bored suburban housewives hang out at the Pink Swan bar, trolling for local studs, while their teen daughters smoke pot at pool parties!

Over the next few years, Marsha Jordan would show up in films, on TV shows, and in plenty of men’s magazines, as the “love revolution” of the late 60’s made her ample assets just that!

“The Wild Females!” 

Jordan shows up in this satire of the Marlon Brando biker picture “The Wild Ones”. these films played drive-in theaters and grind house cinemas…offering flashes of nudity and sex without running afoul of obscenity laws.

What came next were a series of films with titles designed to arouse and titillate – showing as much as they felt they could get away with:

“Key Club Wives!” 

These films of the late 60’s promised to expose the sordid world of “sex in your neighborhood” – you know, key parties where you grabbed a set of keys and took home whoever owned the car!

Jordan was certainly racking up a slew of sexy films, no wonder she gained the title of “Queen Of Softcore Cinema!”

This next movie title was more of the sexy same!

“The Head Mistress!”

Imagine a time when these films were offering explicitness never before seen on the screen…and they promised even more!

Wild titles and promises of even wilder action as well…and speaking of wild titles:

“The Ramrodder!”

1969…what a title, and what a tagline!

“The Definitive Film Of The Great American Sexplosion!”

The film itself actually had a plot: A Cowboy marries an Indian princess and is accepted by the tribe until he is framed for a rape/murder!

Cult Actress Kathy Williams also shows up in the film, naked and tied up!

Next up for Marsha was a film presented “in throbbing color!”


“In Throbbing Color!”

“Her Odd Tastes”

A woman’s job as a sex researcher takes her all over the world and gets her into some difficult situations.


another film “in throbbing color!”

“Marsha: The Erotic Housewife”

In this 1970 film, Marsha stars as Marsha!

After discovering that her husband Greg has been having an adulterous affair with secretary Natalie, housewife Marsha decides to embark on a few illicit carnal misadventures of her own.

Readers of my blog know this next film, because I’ve posted about it – and the buxom star of it!

“The Toy Box!”

That’s right, Uschi Digard appeared in this wild, sex-fueled film as well…Uschi probably appeared in more cult films in the 70’s than anyone, and if you want to see more of her wild wild work, just click on my story here:

“Sweet Georgia”

In this 1972 film, Sweet Georgia is the sex-crazed nympho wife of the brutal rancher, Big T. Unfortunately, Big T is an ugly, abusive drunk, and Georgia looks for love elsewhere.

Oh, she found it!

Finally, Jordan starred with the legendary Rene Bond in this classic film from 1973:

“Teenage Jailbait!”

Stranded when their car gets a flat tire, two sexy girls accept help from two hippies in a dune buggy. After sex to repay the favor, the four team up for a robbery at one of the girl’s home, but it goes terribly wrong.

Rene Bond was a terrific Cult Actress, but her life took a tragic turn…click here to see her story:

Ultimately, Marsha Jordan quit acting in softcore films in 1975 because of the rising popularity of hardcore porn films, and she didn’t want to go that direction in her career. 

As Jordan said at the time:

“I’ve seen some trailers and it’s like a medical film, there’s nothing left to the imagination.”

And that was it, Marsha Jordan’s reign as “Queen Of Softcore Cinema” was over.

Marsha’s decision wasn’t unique: that’s the same thing that happened with Christina Lindberg, the reigning “Queen Of Artsploitation”:

Lindberg also felt that films were becoming too explicit, and she dropped out of the business as well..but if you want to see some of her wildest roles, click on my story here:

The terrific French actress Joelle Coeur also quit film because of the explicitness:

She was a stunning beauty, and if you click here, you can see some of her wildest roles:

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7 replies

  1. Marsha Jordan is still one of my all time favorites! This blonde milf with a gorgeous body can turn on any man and do so quickly. The first time i found Marsha, i tried to buy every movie she starred in as quick as possible. SWV made a fortune off of me since they were the best source for her movies. Marsha with her big boobs, beautiful blonde bush, and seductive smile still fascinates me to this day!


  2. “The Ramrodder also starred Bobby Beausoleil and was filmed on the Spahn Movie Ranch. Some of The Family girls actually appear in the film, iirc!

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  3. I don’t remember Marsha, but she had a hell of a body! Granddaughter of a minister, eh? I would have converted right then and there. Whenever I see these lovely women, I hope they had nice lives after their skin-flick acting was over. I know that some had tragic lives, which is sad. I also know looks aren’t everything, and being sexy draws the wrong types of men, but any woman possessing such beauty deserves good things coming her way. Thanks John!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I hadn’t heard of her, or the films. But she certainly had ‘ample assets’! Thanks for the introduction, John. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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