Danish Actress Helle Michaelsen Had “Beach Fever” And Was A “Russian Terminator”!

Celebrating A Danish Cult Actress!

As part of my “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown”, I have been scouring world cinema to find Cult Movie Queens who may not be well known here in the US, and that’s the case with Helle Michaelsen!

With all of the great film home video companies releasing cult films from the past 50 years, it’s fun to come across someone who has a great career outside the US.

Helle was born on November 2 1968 in Aalborg Denmark, and got started acting in her home country early.

Helle began working regularly in Danish film and TV as soon as she graduated form school.

It was a Cult Movie Icon’s recommendation, however, that gained her stardom.

Brigitte Nielsen’s Playboy Push!

It was 80’s Action Icon Brigitte Nielsen who gave Helle her big break: she told Michaelsen to pose for “Playboy” – and she wowed readers!

Helle was the Playmate of the Month in August 1988 – and she was now known worldwide…

She also appeared in several “Playboy” videos and took part in multiple special issues of the magazine as well.

Michaelsen appeared in an episode of “Baywatch,” and appeared in these cult films as well:

Helle made her movie debut as the “Virgin Beauty” in the 1987 film “Beach Fever”

Here is the “of its time” trailer:

Her biggest hit in the US was “Russian Terminator,” a 1989 action film where she used the name Helena Michaelsen – I wonder if that was to “americanize” her name…

Most of her credits were for foreign films like this:

Helle remained a popular Playboy Model and Actress as well.

Bravo to Helle – and since we are on the topic of beautiful Danish actresses, how about that country’s “bustiest blonde!”

She had almost the same first name, and Actress Helli Loused also had that distinction – see her story here!

Here’s another foreign Actress who looked beautiful on-camera as well:

Unfortunately she spent most of the time being terrorized by a “Sinful Dwarf!”

Is that why she disappeared? Read her story to see more:

And back to the subject of iconic Action stars:

Sybil Danning starred in some of the great cult action films of the 80’s – see them here!

Here’s another great Actress who wasn’t afraid to dive into the world of drive-in movies:

She was “Dirty Mary” and so much more!

See all of Susan George’s highlights here:

And here’s an Actress who also went back and forth between cult films and mainstream work:

Phyllis Davis was “Sweet Sugar” and more!

Click here for her story!

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2 replies

  1. Another one new to me, John. I hadn’t heard of her, or the films. Well done for finding them. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Your photos of Helle instantly brought back great memories of one of the sexiest European women to ever appear in Playboy. I never knew about her movie career though. Looks like i’ll will have to check Amazon for their availability of her flicks and hope to see more…a lot more!

    Liked by 1 person

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