Celebrating 80’s Cult Movie Queen Kathleen Kinmont! Her Wild Performance With Barbara Crampton And Her Erotic Thrillers!

Celebrating The Career Of Kathleen Kinmont!

As the year progresses, I find myself diving into some under-appreciated cult films, and these movies always lead me to another great Cult Movie Queen!

My “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown” looks at the career of a great Actress with some terrific 80’s and 90’s films!

Celebrating The Career Of Kathleen Kinmont!

Talk about a great career! 

Kathleen Kinmont Smith was born in Los Angeles, California in 1965.

She began her acting career in commercials as a child, then pursued modeling before acting in film and television as a teenager. 

However, it was in a series of great 80’s films that made her a star – let’s look at some of her wildest!

Her big screen debut in 1984 with “Hardbodies” – and isn’t that a perfect poster?

It’s a perfect 80’s sex comedy: three middle-aged men hire a younger man to help them pick up women at the beach. 

Then there was this cheesy action adventure from 1988:

This is also known as “She-Wolves Of The Wasteland!”

As IMDB says, tongue clearly in cheek: “a post-apocalyptic story that features women–lots and lots of women–who leave little to the imagination as they battle each other in various junkyards and gravel pits to determine the fate of the entire world.”

And they find time between battles to bathe nude in waterfalls as well!

Check out this trailer!

“Halloween 4: The Return Of Mike Myers”

It seems all roads lead to a “Halloween” sequel, and that’s the case with Kathleen as well!

You know the story: Mike Myers returns home to kill some more people – because he just can’t get over seeing his Sister having sex…but while he’s doing that, Kathleen is having some fun by the fire…

I just posted the story of Sandy Johnson, who will always be remembered as the first person Myers kills – his “sex-crazed” Sister!

Johnson had a great cult film career as well, and you can see all of her best roles by clicking on my story here:

As for Kinmont, one of her best films was this terrific sequel to an equally terrific film:

“Bride Of Re-Animator”

This 1990 sequel is one of her best roles!

Check out the trailer!

This was of course, the sequel to the amazing “Re-Animator”:

Of course, Cult Movie Queen Barbara Crampton ws terrific in that first film, and you can see all of her best movie roles by clicking on my story here:

Oh, and since we are on “all things Barbara Crampton”:

These two worked together – in fact, they showed it all off in this 1985 sex comedy – and if you look closely at the credits, you will see Actor Tim Robbins was in it too:

It’s the perfect 80’s sex comedy, and here’s the trailer, which includes “Dearn Wormer” From “Animal House!”

What a duo! As you can see, lots of cult film fans took the time to put together this collage of their nude scene:

These films exude a real sense of goofy 80’s fun – as do these two great Cult Movie Queens – and what a great team they were – too bad they didn’t do more together!

Kinmont did more than sex comedies – she was a kick-ass Action Star as well, in this great cult gem:

“Night Of The Warrior”

In this 1991 action film, Lorenzo Lamas pays the debts for his dancing bar back by fighting in illegal matches. When his debt is paid, he refuses to fight again. But the fight mafia forces him to continue by kidnapping his girlfriend, played by Kinmont.

Check out the trailer:

Kathleen was married to Lamas at the time they made this film – and they went on to make more films together as well!

“CIA Code Name: Alexa”

Kathleen starred opposite Lamas and OJ Simpson in this 1992 thriller:

The following year they made another one as well, called “CIA II: Target Alexa”.

Kinmont also starred in a number of erotic thrillers as well:

“The Corporate Ladder”

In this Playboy Channel movie, Kinmont plays an Assistant who wants more than just a promotion for her Boss…she wants him, too!

Kinmont also co-starred with husband Lamas for four years in the syndicated TV show “Renegade.” They divorced in the middle of the series but remained friendly and she stayed on the show .

Kinmont ended up with more than 50 credits across many genres of film, so bravo to her on a terrific career!

She was fearless on camera at a time when VHS and pay cable offered up many opportunities to bare all.

Kinmont is a great example of a Cult Movie Queen of the 80’s and 90’s: mainstream films leading to more “skinamax” type films in the VHS-driven 90’s – here’s another great example:

Delia Sheppard had a great run in erotic thrillers at that time as well, and you can see some of her most provocative work by clicking on my story here:

Another great Cult Movie Queen at that time was Monique Gabrielle – she worked in the same genres of erotic thrillers and action films as well:

You can click here to see some of her best roles:

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Bravo to Kathleen for her great cult movie career!

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  1. Kathleen is new to me. The only one of those films I have seen is the original ‘Re-Animator’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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