The Mystery of “Debbie Does Dallas” Star Bambi Woods! Her Huge Success – And Disappearance!

Bambi’s Breakout Role – And Mysterious Disappearance!

As we celebrate the “big game” today, what about this great football flick?

The adult film business more than others is filled with iconic stars, and unsolvable mysteries, and Bambi Woods is both!

“Debbie Does Dallas” – And Then Disappears!

Bambi Woods is one of the most famous “Adult” film stars of all time – all because of one film!

Here is the mystery of “Bambi Woods”, who was born in 1955, was allegedly an exotic dancer who was cast in one of the most popular XXX-rated films of the 70’s – the 1978 film “Debbie Does Dallas!”

“Everyone On The Team Scores When Her Pom Poms Fly!”

So how did this young exotic dancer end up in one of the most iconic adult films ever? In one of the interviews she did at the time, Woods said her involvement in adult films was arranged by a female friend to whom she owed money!

Now, about the name “Bambi Woods”: According to wikipedia, the producer/director of “Debbie Does Dallas”, Jim Clark, said he created the stage name “Bambi Woods” in an allusion to the Disney character:

“I named her Bambi Woods. There wasn’t any real reason behind it. Bambi … a deer. In the woods. Do you want to get deeper?”

Part of the film’s success came from the promotional campaign: a photo of Bambi in a knockoff Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniform – and she was billed as a “former Dallas Cowgirl.”

According to wikipedia, some reports at the time said that Woods had previously tried out for the real Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders but never made the squad – but since there is nothing known about the Actress, that’s impossible to verify.

As you will see in the trailer for the film, Woods insists that none of her experiences were used for the completely fictional storyline, but it’s a bit tongue in cheek.

Here is the trailer with her comments, which is safe to watch – there is no sexual activity in it – they cleverly put up a sign that says “SCENE MISSING”:

The film was a huge pop culture success, and Bambi Woods became a pop culture star…there are stories of her showing up at the hottest disco clubs in New York. She seemed on her way for huge success in the adult film world…or was she?

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Bambi! Was There A “Secret” Porn Career?

Now comes the mystery, which begins after the success of the film gets her a LOT of attention.

However, it wasn’t what she was expecting. In fact, reports suggest that she was distraught when the huge wave of publicity led to her family’s discovery of her career in pornography! Apparently they didn’t know!\

There have been many stories about Bambi, but none included an interview with her or any supposed family members, so it’s all conjecture!

Because, from that point on, Bambi never made another film of any kind, and just disappeared!

Actress Georgette Sanders also appeared in the film, and her story is mysterious as well…see it here:

There was a sequel to the smash hit, and here is the poster:

This is where the story gets murky: Bambi soon afterwards drops out of sight, and years later, this documentary tried to find out why:

In the documentary, the original film’s Producer says he never made another film with her…so I wonder if it’s additional material already shot with her. Monster-A-Go-Go left this note:

Bambi Woods is also in DEBBIE DOES DALLAS 2 and DEBBIE DOES DALLAS 3: THE FINAL CHAPTER. In Part 2, Woods is in the film pretty much throughout the running time. In Part 3, it seems to be taking a cue from THE WILD, WILD WORLD OF JAYNE MANSFIELD in that there is footage of Woods addressing the audience at the beginning, then there is a whole lot of unconnected footage she narrates (which I believe is actually someone else–You can hear her voice change when they cut away from her opening statements). It isn’t until near they end that she suddenly re-teamed with R. Bolla. There’s no before or after scenes—just the sex scene between the two. It feels like Part 3 was built entirely around that bit of footage at the beginning and that one scene (which could have been cut from Part 2–or possibly an audition scene?) tacked on at the end. There is just “Woods’ ” narration to explain things.

Stories circulated that she got into drugs and overdosed, but there was never any confirmation of that at all – and her real name has never been revealed!

The mystery grew bigger when a 2005 article in the Australian newspaper The Age stated that Woods had died in 1986 of a drug overdose under lurid circumstances.

None of these stories are true!

There is a 2005 documentary from English TV called “Debbie Does Dallas Uncovered”, which includes an extensive interview with the original film’s Producer. He says int he documentary that he knows the real name of Woods, which he declined to reveal on camera.

He says that he traced Bambi’s family in the mid-1990s using a Private Investigator – because he wanted to offer her big money to do a sequel.

He was told that she was living an ordinary life in the Des Moines, Iowa area and wished to have no further involvement with, nor publicity concerning, her former career.

And an Author of a Woods book says he tracked her down and she is living normal life…his book is available on amazon if you want to read more of his search.

Bambi’s story isn’t unusual, many cult movie queens simply drop out of sight…remember Annie Sparrow?

This gorgeous Blonde Actress starred in the Euro-sleaze classic “The Sinful Dwarf” – and was never heard from again!

You can click here to see the film’s wildly inappropriate trailer and more!

And if you want some more cheerleader films, try these:

Some Actresses crossed over between adult film and drive-in movie exploitation films:

Rene Bond was very popular in the 70’s, but had a tragic life…you can see more of her revealing work by clicking on my story here:

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10 replies

  1. Here is a link for the poster for DDD3:
    R. Bolla is not listed, but Bambi is mentioned as the star.


  2. I did see the first film when it was going the rounds as a ‘Pirate Video’ on VHS. I have never really thought about it since except when it features on your blog. Good investigation, John.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Interesting story. Weird thing is I can’t find a listing on IMDb for the movie, Woods, or anyone related to it, and that site usually lists the iconic porn films and stars.

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  4. A couple of adjustments. Bambi Woods’ real name is Debra DeSanto, and yes, she lives in the Midwest U.S. in anonymity. As of this posting, she is 67 years old. She did two separate “Debbie Does Dallas” films. Part 1 was released in 1978 where she only performs with Robert Kerman (R. Bolla), Part II was released in 1981, where she is in most, of not all of the scenes. Part III is only archival footage between her and Kerman.

    The real scandal of Part 1 was that it was shot inside the library of Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York without the administration’s approval. Scenes were also shot on the campus of Brooklyn College in NY.


  5. Debbie Does Dallas showed at our local drive-in about 1981 and filled the ramps to capacity. It was advertised as ‘X’ but had a few minutes removed so it would pass as an ‘R’. I sincerely hope ‘Debbie’ is doing OK. The movie had a large enough showing that some locals must have picked up on who she is.

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