Celebrating 80’s Cult Movie Queen Kelli Maroney! Here Are This Scream Queen’s Wild “Hot Tub” Highlights!

A Celebration Of Kelli Maroney!

One reason I post my “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown” stories is to celebrate Cult Movie Queens who may not have gotten the recognition they deserve.

I will routinely find a classic cult film and wonder about the stars in them, usually in supporting roles.

That was the case with Kelli Maroney, who began her career acting at the Guthrie Theater in her native Minneapolis, MN.

Following that, she headed to New York to study at the National Shakespeare Company Conservatory.

Two weeks after she arrived in Manhattan in 1975, Kelli was cast as evil adolescent “Kimberly Harris” on the daytime soap opera, “Ryan’s Hope.”

She made her film debut as the ‘Spirit Bunny’ “Cindy Carr” in the teen comedy classic, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” in 1982.

The next year she appeared in this horror gem:


However, the Actress was soon to achieve cult cinema immortality.

Kelli achieved her greatest enduring cult popularity as “Samantha” in the 1984 science-fiction film “Night of the Comet.”

This is one of the most entertaining 80’s cult films out there and easy to find to enjoy.

Check out the trailer:

Next up for Kelli was another cult gem!

She starred as the sweet, killer-robot slayer, “Alison Parks”, in the classic 1986 sci-fi thriller:

“Chopping Mall!”

Of course, that classic gem starred Barbara Crampton, one of the great Cult Movie Queens of that era.

You can see more of Barbara’s career – and see the trailer for “Chopping Mall” by clicking on my story here:

Maroney was appearing in a number of great 80’s cult films – a mix of sci-fi, comedy and vintage exploitation cinema like this:

“Big Bad Mama II”

This great 1987 sequel is a fast paced action gem.

Check out the trailer:

Maroney was on a roll…also appearing with this young Actress:

“Not Of This Earth!”

Jim Wynorski directed this 1988 cult film starring Traci Lords.

Check out the trailer:

An alien arrives on Earth looking to take human blood in an attempt to preserve his dying planet. 

A great cast perhaps overshadowed by the notoriety of the star…

Lords was most well known at the time for the shocking discovery that she appeared in adult films as an underaged teen!

This GREAT podcast tells her entire story and it’s a fascinating, disturbing one…you can see more about it, and see more of Traci’s career, by clicking on my story here:

Kelli reteamed with Director Wynorski in 1990 for this cult gem:

Hard To Die

This was also known as “Slumber Party Massacre III: Hard To Die”.

“Scream Queen Hot Tub Party!” 

How can you not love this? Sensing just how ridiculous the exploitation genre had become, Kelli and a group of “scream queens” took to the tubs!

Five of Hollywood’s leading scream queens get together in a creepy mansion and decide to get in the hot tub (as true scream queens would). They talk in the tub and exchange secrets on the do’s and don’ts of being a scream queen.

Look at this cast! Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer, Roxanne Kernohan and Monique Gabrille join Kelli in the hot tub…this was directed by Fred Olen Ray and Wynorski

Of course, I have featured them all in separate stories – like the terrific career of Gabrielle:

You can see more of Monique’s terrific career by clicking on my story here:

Next up, Kelli played schizophrenic femme fatale, “Meredith” in the Showtime thriller, “Face Down” in 1997.

Kelli Maroney most recent credits include the web series, “Rock & Roll Inc.”, the comedy “Pop Star” and more…

Kelli has more than 40 screen credits in her career, and many of them are 80’s classics.

The most recent story about her states:

“Kelli is the host of SMTCL TV and co-host of the podcast Rick’s Martini Bar. She has several projects in development as actor/producer, and lives in Hollywood with her soulmate Sasha, the wonder dog!”

Bravo to Kelly Maroney for her terrific cult career…she wasn’t the only Actress who appeared in many of the best 80’s cult gems:

Yes, Linda Blair may be best known for “The Exorcist” in the 70’s, but she had a great string of cult 80’s thrillers as well – and she also posed for magazines like this!

And here’s another of the great 80’s Cult Movie Queens:

Kathleen Kinmont worked with Barbara Crampton and many more – see all of her best films cy clicking here:

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4 replies

  1. This is a new one to me. I recall watching Big Bad Mama 2, but i don’t recall her in it. Kellie appears to be a beautiful young lady.


  2. Gorgeous lady. Sadly she only stripped naked in two projects. Would have been incredible if she did it in Night of the Comet at 19 instead of waiting until her 30s. Her bra scene in that movie is definitely the highlight.

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  3. Kelli is new to me, but she was undeniably sexy!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hard to Die was great. And Chopping Mall a classic.

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