Celebrate A “Mardi Gras Massacre” With Laura Misch! This Playmate / Actress Shows Off Her “French Quarter!”

Celebrating “Mardi Gras” With Laura Misch!

I’ve been profiling Cult Movie Queens across all genres and decades, and since it’s Mardi Gras season, why not head to New Orleans with a young Actress who made all of her cult films there!

Laura Misch Owens was born on November 23, 1953 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She was the second of three girls in the family.

When she was nineteen, Owens moved to Louisiana and got a job working as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in New Orleans. 

She caught the attention of the magazine, and ended up as a Playmate Of The Month!

Laura was the Playmate of the Month in the February, 1975 issue of “Playboy.” 

According to an online biography, she got married while in New Orlean but then divorced… 


Misch took advantage of Hollywood coming to her, and appeared in a number of films all shot in New Orlean, including the notorious “Mandingo”!

This was a shocker for its time: a lurid look at life on a plantation – it was a major studio release and was so successful there was a sequel, “Drum” as well!

Laura had several nude scenes in the film, and did so again when she had a larger role in the film “French Quarter!”

The highlight of Laura’s New Orleans-based film career was when she starred in the 70’s horror gem “Mardi Gras Massacre!”

Some great news to share about this film, but first, let’s take a look!

Here’s the short trailer:

Here’s great news: Severin Films has a remastered version of the film – with a new interview with Laura!

I love when the stars of these cult gems take part in their work!


  • Webstore Exclusive Slip Case
  • I’m Not Into Hollywood — Interview With Director Jack Weis
  • The Mardi Gras Killer — Interview With Actor William Metzo
  • The First Victim — Interview With Actress Laura Misch
  • Trailer

Eventually, Laura left film and movies to Miami, Florida and worked as a reporter for The Miami Herald! 

She then moved to Denver and worked for The Rocky Mountain News.

She got married and became a published Author as well!

In 1997 Owens wrote her first novel “Carry Me Back” under her married name of Laura Watt. 

Bravo to Laura for such a great career!

Oh, do you remember who else was in “Mandingo?”

That’s Susan George with former Heavyweight Champion Ken Norton – she had a great run of cult cinema, and you can see it here:

Some Actresses achieved notoriety for the shocking films they appeared in, and that was the case with Anneka Di Lorenzo:

Her lesbian sex scenes in “Caligula” were added later to spice up the finished film – see how it turned out by clicking on my story here:

And who starred with her in this scenes?

Lori Wagner, that’s who!

In fact, she appears on the special edition DVD of the film, discussing the role and the madness behind the scenes on the film!

Click here for her whole story:

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the film is that it attracted some heavyweight, mainstream stars!

Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren star in the film, and they also took part in the DVD remaster!

Click here for more on that wild wild release!

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Let me know if you’ve seen any or all of Laura’s wild New Orleans films!

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3 replies

  1. Wow, here’s another beautiful playmate whose name i haven’t heard in a long time. One of the more under-rated playmates from the 70’s who had not just beauty but brains too. Thanks John for helping us remember Laura again today.

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  2. New to me, John. She looked great though. My mum was an avid reader of the ‘Mandingo’ books, but she never watched the films. 🙂
    Always love to see ‘Caligula’ featured. What a film!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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