The “Nude Beauty” Of Monica Gayle! She Gave Us “Southern Comforts” And More!

The Cover Says It All!

First, thanks to the reader who goes by “9 finger”, who suggested I look into the career of Monica Gayle – and as the cover of the magazine above says, “the nude beauty of Monica Gayle” is worth the effort!

Gayle appeared in more than 30 cult films in the 70’s – movies that showed up in grind house theaters and drive-ins all across the country!

What Film Does Monica Sport An Eye-Patch?

Oh, it’s worth reading on to find out! Sadly, there is very little information about her life online.

Gayle was born in Chicago, and that’s about all I could find – so let’s let the movies give us her story!

“Sandra: The Making Of A Woman”

This was directed by Gary Graver, who had a great career in mainstream as well as cult films – this was the story of a young woman’s sexual awakening:

This appears to be quite graphic for a 1970 film:

And look who else starred in the film!

Uschi Digard is an Icon – what a career!

You can see all of her most revealing work here:

She had a small role in “The Stewardesses” but made quite an impression as you can see!

Monica got her next starring role in this obscure film from 1971 – playing a young girl who convinces Death to let her have a day of wild sexual abandon before he takes her…/

Her next film from that same year was much less “arty” – it was a classic slice of “hicksploitation!”

“Southern Comforts!”

First, read the non-stop leering innuendo included on the poster!

Here’s the plot, courtesy of the terrific website

“A beauty contest is staged in the barn of a dimwit called The Colonel. The beauty contest doesn’t last too long as The Colonel and his buddies get down to business with the contestants.”

As you can see, the contestants are more than ready for some fun!

Cult Actress Judy Angel also starred in the film and what a career she had as well!

Click here for the revealing highlights:

Let’s be clear: these films were designed to show naked farm girls romping around brands and small pons by their farm – they were obvious but fun!

As you would expect, there was time to frolic in the sun as well:

Gayle also had a great role in Cult Director Jack Hill’s 1975 gem “The Jezebels!”

Oh, you might know it by another title:

Yes, Quentin Tarantino said this was one of the film’s that inspired him – and when you see this wild movie trailer, you’ll understand why!

Yep, there’s Monica sporting the eye part – very much like Christina Lindberg did in “Thriller: A Cruel Picture”!

This is a fun drive-in movie about a girl gang that gives as good as they get!

For Monica, she was making lots of films and doing many photo shoots as well:

As I showed you earlier, Monica was a pin-up Model for the raunchiest of the men’s magazines of that era:

Her last big starring role was in “Country Music Daughter” from 1976, playing an aspiring country singer – the film was also released as “Nashville Girl”.

Monica also had an extensive career in TV shows throughout this period as well!

Sadly, Monica Gayle left the entertainment industry in the late 70’s and nothing is known about what happened to her.

She worked with a number of other 70’s Cult Movie Queens as well:

Sandy Dempsey had a very similar career, including hicksploitation!

She was in “Country Hooker” and so much more!

See her wild career here:

The “Hicksploitation” genre featured some of the most beautiful Cult Movie Queens of the 70’s:

Colleen Brennan – AKA – Sharon Kelly, was “Sassy Sue” and so much more – she starred in films ranging from “R” to “XXX” – here is here career:

Rene Bond was another Actress who went from “R” to “XXX” – and was in a country film as well:

Rene starred in a wild hicksploitaiton film called “Hillbilly Hookers” and much much more – see her wildest films here:

Some of her “R” rated films are a blast to watch, like this one:

Yes, Rene was in “Invasion Of The Bee Girls!” 

The star of this film also had a wild life:

Victoria Vetri went from the moon – to prison!

You can see much more about her life here:

Here’s another Actress that Bond starred with:

Cyndee Summers was another terrific Adult Movie Queen from that era…click here for the story of Cyndee Summers!

Actress Annette Michael also appeared in a number of adult film at that time:

She wasn’t a super star, but I was surprised to find out virtually nothing about her – click here for the mystery of XXX-rated star Annette Michael:

This Actress also appeared in many classic adult films of that era:

Terri Johnson was a “bored housewife” and so much more!

You can click on her story to see all of the Actresses she worked with in the era!

And of course, I had to mention the other “eye patch” Actress:

Christina Lindberg is the reigning “Queen Of Artsploitation” – not only for this film but for many other provocative performances as well:

She was stunning – see all of her most provocative films here:

If you like these stories, and want to keep up with the great cult Actresses from past and present, click my main page and sign up to have these stories delivered directly to your email!

Let me know if you know Monica’s work!

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5 replies

  1. Monica quickly became one of my most favorite exploitation angels. Monica and Judy Angel made “Southern Comforts” one of my favorite flicks. The beauty pageant scene made me hit the rewind button often. I still wish the young lady with the biggest boobs and bush in that scene would had went on to more movies! Monica is one of those unsung beauties who was definitely memorable. Thanks John for reminding us about her.


  2. Thank you for taking my suggestion! I discovered Gayle in Switchblade Sisters, then found out about her other work, hence my interest.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I hadn’t heard of Monica, and would take Uschi for ‘preference’. I love those magazine covers though! “Is your orgasm adequate?” I never had one that wasn’t. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Ah, I never realized Patch from Switchblade Sisters was so good looking, I’ll keep it in mind the next time I watch it!


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