Redhead “Vixen” Vincene Wallace Had Erotic “Fairy Tales” With “Pinocchio”– Then Disappeared!

My “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown” is profiling Cult Movie Queens who have been requested by others, and in this case, Angel wanted a profile of Vincene Wallace, and for very good reason!

Celebrating The Fascinating Career Of Vincene Wallace!

While she had 14 screen credits, most were small roles – beginning with several small parts where she billed herself as Vincent Craddock:

As you can see from the poster, her first films were pure “sexploitation”, promising the viewer scenes they’d never seen in a theater before!

I also came across a wide range of photos purporting to be her from that era as well:

Her big break came however, thanks to the legendary Softcore Director Russ Meyer, who cast her in a Meyer classic!


1968 tells the story of a naive bush pilot flies tourists to the wilderness of NW Canada while his nympho wife gets lonely – or does she? 

As you can see, the camera loved her – and Meyer made the most of it – and his “Vixen” was beautiful as well:

Erica Gavin was mesmerizing in the lead role, and had a wild cult career as well – see her story here:

For Vincene, the rest of her career would use the last name Wallace – but don’t worry, her film roles just kept getting hotter!

“The Secret Sex Lives of Romeo and Juliet” 

This very adult take on the Romeo & Juliet story in 1969 was filled with wall to wall sex!

That same year, Wallace appeared in another sexploitation film with a title clearly meant to have more than one meaning!

“A Taste of Hot Lead!”

Yes, he had lots of hot lead for his enemies and his women as well!

Vincene was in several more exploitation films that year, but her next big film was this “adult” take on a classic diary tale!

The very obvious tagline on the top of the poster reminds me of the joke about the naked woman who jumps on Pinocchio’s face and screams out:

“Lie to me, Pinocchio – lie to me!”

Yes, Dyanne Thorne starred in it as well as Uschi Digart – Thorne’s most famous role of course, was as Ilsa!

She had a wild career and you can see it all here:

Her last film role was in the 1974 sex romp “Young Secretaries”, a film filled with cult movies queens of that era:

This was also starred Sharon Kelly, who would go on to make adult films under the name Colleen Brennan:

She had a wild career and you can see all of her highlights by clicking on my story here:

So what happened next? Sadly, I cannot find ANY information about Wallace, who simply dropped out of the entertainment business!

Bravo to her for a great cult movie career and I sincerely hope all is well with her!

As for Director Russ Meyers, he loved women and put many many many of them in starring roles in his movies – he even married some!

Edy Williams was one, and you can see her most revealing roles here!

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  1. I only know of her from ‘Vixen’, as I had all Meyer’s films on VHS. I have never seen any of her other films.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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