Want A “Fling” With Model Arlene Bell?

Celebrating The Career Of Men’s Magazine Model Arlene Bell!

My “2023 Sex Kitten Countdown” reminds me of an earlier, more innocent time, when men’s magazine featured well-endowed women who wouldn’t go on to have any other career – but were hugely successful anyway!

Vintage men’s magazines were filled with the “starlets” of that era – some of whom crossed over and became Cult Movie Queens, some whom just graced cover after cover after cover, like this one:

Arlene Bell was one of the greats of that era – featured in so many of the magazines that were sold under the counter. She was born in Southern California in the early 50’s, and came of age right as men’s magazine were becoming more daring and explicit.

She made her magazine debut in the September 1970 issue of “Gem.”

As you can see, Arlene was photogenic, and Bell’s nude modeling career took off, as she appeared in a wide variety of men’s magazines…especially “Fling!”

She appeared several times in “Fling” (sometimes under the name Tina Andrea) – such as the July 1972 issue above, and graced the cover a few years later as well.

The September 1972 issue honored Arlene with the “Ladies of the Harem” crown. I couldn’t find her wearing it – in fact, it was hard to find many pictures of her wearing anything! 

Bell also appeared nude in many other early 1970s men’s magazines, and her photos, along with outtakes from her early shootings were published through the mid-1980s.

It’s hard to find much information on her, but apparently she left the business near the end of the 70’s…if anyone knows more, share with us!

This was an era of modeling where bigger was better – there certainly was a market for it!

As is the case for many of these “Men’s Models”, there is little known about them – they have a successful run and then disappear…

Arlene Bell was featured in a wide variety of these magazines at that time – she reminds me of another very popular pinup Model of that era:

Roberta Pedon appeared in a few great cult films, but she was better known for her photo shoots:

Read all about her great career with lots of photos by clicking on my story here:

Christy Canyon also was a handful, and she had a great, empowered adult film career as well..see all of her highlights here:

Here’s another popular men’s magazine Model:

Shawn Devereaux had a great run as well and you can see her greatest hits here:

And if this Devereaux wasn’t enough, how about this one?

“Magnificent Monique” was indeed, especially with that Amy Winehouse hair!

Click here to see her story revealed:

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Let me know if you are familiar with Arlene Bell!

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4 replies

  1. Wow can’t recall seeing Arlene before today but thanks for the introduction. Great article -thanks

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Arlene was definitely one of the all time great models. I love recalling the good old days of models with big boobs and bushes. No silicone and no shaving. I never understood why Playboy didn’t take advantage of these ladies’ popularity back then. After all, most of them never did porn. Thank goodness for Gent and Fling back then. Arlene was a natural gem to say the least.


  3. Very much my type, with the fuller figure, natural brunette, and great assets! I would dearly have loved a fling with Arlene! 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


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