Who Is Actress Fritzi Ross? She Was “Young, Free And Loose” – But The Rest Is A Mystery!

Meet The Very “Loose” Fritzi Ross!

All year long, I have been looking at some of the most well known Cult Movie Queens of all generations…but also doing in more obscure Actresses…whose lives are a mystery!

Actress Fritzi Ross is one of those stories…she is certainly German, and acted between 1976 and 1978 – but that’s all I can find.

So who is she and how did I stumble upon her?

Well, it all happened thanks to this poster, shared by my friend Angelo on his terrific Facebook page “Beyond Sleaze!”:

As you can see, the poster is excited to announce the arrival of Ross, an “exciting new starlet!”

Yes, there are some very grainy shots of Fritzi at the ocean – you see, this is a German film with a new title for US audiences!

I am assuming that Fritzi is German – and that he work went beyond soft “X” rated material…in fact, here is great trivia from IMSB.com about his movie:

Director Michael Geimer-Gründgens said that he never wanted to do a porn movie again: “Shooting the bedroom scenes was too frustrating for me.”

This is one of the best shots of Fritzi I could find, clearly from a photo spread in a men’s magazine….she worked in a number of films, and had ten movie roles like these:

“Hot Ice”

This is a crime caper, and Ross used the spelling “Fritzy” in the movie….I noticed that many of her credits were listed a “short film”, meaning a vignette within a longer film.

This is one of those movies, some sort of sex film with a common theme and a number of short stories within it:

I also found a few more photo spreads, but that’s it – who was Fritzi? I couldn’t find out more!

Here’s another poster from what appears to be a stag loop sold through the mail:

She’s listed a appearing in it – there was another one online as well but the image was hardcore, which I don’t show on my blog:

So, I’m speculating that “Fritzy” appeared in porn “loops”, short films that were basic setups for sex scenes…in a way, it’a hardcore version of the notorious German “Schoolgirl” series…

These “softcore” films from Germany were a series of short sketches about the dangers of growing up and facing sexual encounters….and they starred some of the most beautiful sex kittens from that country…

Marisa Feldy had a wild career – including the “Schoolgirl” films – and then disappeared…click here for her story:

Marie Ekorre starred in some wild euro-sleaze classics, most of which were re-titled for US release – click here to see them all!

And here’s another “Euro-sleaze” Actress I profiled – also a veteran of the “Schoolgirl” series:

Ulrike Butz was an aggressive star of many euro-sleaze classics and you can see all of them here:

Of course, in the US we had our own versions of these “reports” – again mostly re-titled European films:

Yes, this “Housewives Report” was another series of so-called “documentaries” that were just thinly disguised softcore sex films:

Actress Angelika Baumgart starred in a number of them and you can see her wildest films by clicking on my story here:

Many of these “Report” Actresses never became stars, but it wasn’t for lack of trying:

Sonja Jeannine was an “Intimate Teenager” – just one of her wild roles – see them all here:

And here’s another Actress who appeared in these wild films:

She’s one of many from this series – take a look!

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Let me know if you have any information on Fritzi Ross!

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  1. I’ve never heard of her before. Your pics remind us at how the Europeans were far more explicit with R and X movies.

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  2. I had never heard of her before, but I have to say that she looks very young in the early photos, close to ‘underage’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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