The world of film is an amazing place to explore. The golden age of exploitation opened doors for many mainstream film makers. This blog is my “love letter” to that era of exploitation, sexploitation, blaxploitation, nunsploitation, and all other forms of “sploitation” there are – that why I call it “JRsploitation!”

You can read more of my stuff at Johnrieber.com.

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  1. I find these things fascinating particularly the women LOL

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  2. Hi. Just came across your website 2 weeks ago, and love it. The best site on the web. Very interesting stories. I met Kristine DeBell 2 years ago in Chicago at The Hollywood Show. She is great. Maybe you already had her on here and I can’t find it, but have you done a story on Molly Peters from the movie Thunderball? She wasn’t in the movie very long but made a lasting impression. Thanks.


  3. Hi, will you be doing a write up on Monique Parent some time? I searched your site but didn’t see anything.


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  4. Keep up the great work. The Era when porn was entertaining and sexy.

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  5. Hi. Love the site. You ever thought about reaching out to some of your subjects who are still around about giving interviews?

    I’d love to get their viewpoints on some of the movies they shit, especially the nude scenes. Not enough of that avslabje online. Today interviews are just fluff pieces.

    Though I’d imagine some may want to be paid for it. Others, maybe not since it would help promote their websites, etc., especially the 70s/80s horror and sexploitation actresses who don’t get roles anymore.


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    • Thanks for your note. I interviewed Judy Matheson for her profile, and tried to get Caroline Munro to do one for my Joe Spinell profile, but it is something I plan to do more of, especially for the stories that will be published in Grindhouse Resurrection first…thanks for the comment and it’s a great idea!


  6. do you have material about xuxa or raquel welch too?
    thank you!

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  7. sorry, you have raquel.
    jugs, mother and speed. it was shown on german tv 15 years ago.
    thank you!

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